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Data scientist intern

As data scientist at HeroHunt you create the intelligence behind our talent sourcing solution using the latest technologies.

About this position

HeroHunt is looking for a highly motivated student (Msc) fascinated about the possibilities of data and intelligent technologies. You will significantly contribute to our talent sourcing solution that our clients use to find the right talent just based on their job url.

You will get a ton of responsibility and you contribute directly to the level of intelligence and automation of our solution.

You are in charge of your activities.

Degree: Msc

Duration: 4 to 6 months

32 - 40 hours

Start any time

Responsibilities include:

  • Researching the latest possibilities for AI technologies including NLP, Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis
  • Creating data models for the assessment of talent profile data using industry, expertise and personality data points
  • Implementing AI technologies on as well the jobs side (translating job data) as the talent side (enriching talent profile data)
  • Integrating different intelligent tools and data sources to add to the value of our solution
  • Mapping dependencies and developing the data and automation roadmap

We believe that for you to excel and learn, you need responsibility, ownership and a bit of guidance from your more experienced colleagues, like the founders who bring experience from companies like IBM, Jumbo, Deep tech startups, KPMG and KPN. You will work with and learn from the CTO.

Are you ready to learn a whole lot about the first industry specific talent sourcing solution, data architectures, automation tooling and AI technologies? Then we have a great adventure waiting for you.

The HeroHunt Team

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