How to get the latest version of

First use

The quick answer:

As an existing user, to get the latest version, you have to delete your cookies and refresh your page. improves very quickly.

We add features on a weekly basis and are continuously improving the user experience..

To update the changes that we make we do software releases.

As a user you want to be on the latest version to be able to get the benefits of new features and fixes.

To get the latest version, you have to delete your cookies.

This is how to delete cookies for the app only


  1. Go to the lock icon in your browser, usually in the top left, left to the url
  2. Click on the icon
  3. Select 'Cookies'
  4. Select ''
  5. Click 'Remove'
  6. Refresh your page
  7. Login again

You have to delete these cookies because your browser stores the current version in its memory.

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