How keeps track of actions performed

Labels are automatically added for viewing and contacted labels and you can filter on the status of a profile.

Contacting tracks your actions so you will always know what you already did and where you left off.

Viewed labels

When you viewed a profile, there will be a viewed label automatically added to the profile. The viewed label is added when a profile was in range of your view.

Contacted labels

When you contacted a potential candidate, there will be a contacted label automatically added to the profile. The contacted label is added when you clicked 'Send' or copied an outreach message.

In case a label was assigned when you preferred not to, you can uncheck the label by clicking on it and the status will be reset to default.

Timestamp and user

For every viewed or contacted label added, there is a timestamp and user name indicated so you always know who did what when. This way you can keep better track of sourcing activities and prevent duplicated outreach.

Filtering on labels

You can apply filters to the above mentioned labels.

You can filter for example on:

  • See all matches instead of top matches only
  • Exclude the profiles you already viewed
  • Exclude the contacted profiles you already viewed

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