How matches the best tech candidates uses profiles from a variety of platforms, enriches profile information and has a unique matching algorithm to match candidates.

Matching is an AI talent search engine that matches tech talent to your job.

It does so by finding the best tech profiles across a variety of platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow. searches real-time for you, and therefore it always gets the most up to date information about the matching candidates.

Here’s how it works

  1. You create your search, starting with the job title and by copying and pasting your job description. automatically recognizes the most important keywords, including all relevant synonyms
  2. Based on your search, automatically searches platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow to find the best matching profiles
  3. Every profile that is found is enriched with public data related to that profile, like public information from candidates on their latest technology skills
  4. optimizes your resulting matches based on all the information found, reassuring the most accurate match

Things to take into account during the matching process

  • You can see as an automated way of the work that a trained tech sourcer would do manually: X-raying search engines, screening profiles for matches based on the job requirements, putting the best profiles in a spreadsheet and further researching candidates by going to accounts they have on other platforms. Only does it all for you automatically and provides you with an easy to use overview of matches.
  • keeps searching for additional information that is valuable for making the right match, when new information is found and after refreshing, the order of your search results can change
  • When you see a profile that you like, you can save them by clicking the heart icon on the profile
  • has a matching algorithm optimised for finding and screening tech profiles, this means it works based on different ‘language’ and different variables than for example LinkedIn. That makes specialised in finding tech candidates.

One search engine to find tech talent across the entire web

Search billions of profiles through dozens of platforms

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