Get started with your first search in automatically creates your search based on you job description and automatically finds and pre-screens tech candidates.

First use

The intelligence in works based on your very own information. takes your job description, automatically recognizes keywords and gives a first prioritization of those keywords based on importance.

Of course you can change the priority of the keywords, so you keep control over your search.

Next to the analysed job description and keywords, you also indicate in

  • Job title: title of the position
  • Location: country or countries, and city or cities of where your candidates can be found

Based on the inserted information, finds the best tech talent matching the search.

You don’t have to include synonyms or Boolean statements.

Good to know before you create your search

We made searching the best tech talent real easy for you, but it’s good to know some things before you start searching:

  • takes synonyms of job titles and keywords into account. For example, if you have ‘Engineer’ in your job title, also searches for ‘Developer’, ‘Programmer’ and ‘Coder’
  • searches tech talent automatically for you through platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow.
  • enriches profile information so you receive the most accurate matches based on complete and up to date information

How to create a search in

Step 1. Job Title

Insert the Job title.

Include a generic job title like ‘DevOps engineer’ or ‘Front end engineer’.

As mentioned above, takes into account job title synonyms like developer, programmer and coder.


  • Keep the job title simple, with 2 - 4 words
  • Don't include your company name in the job title
  • Avoid creative job titles like "coding ninja"

Step 2. Keywords

  1. Copy and paste the latest job description that you have in the description step
  2. Hit ‘Next’ and your keywords will be automatically recognized and given to you
  3. Review the keywords and their priority, change if needed by dragging and dropping

As mentioned above, takes into account keyword synonyms and different ways of writing, for example JavaScript/JS/js. Therefore you don’t have to use Boolean strings.


  • Copy / paste your entire job description
  • If you don't have a job description, add relevant keywords manually in the next step
  • For optimal results, include no more than 4 required keywords

Step 3. Location

Insert the location where your candidates can be found.

This can be a country or a city.

You can also search in multiple countries and cities by putting a comma after every location you use, for example Germany, France, Netherlands

Suggestions of locations will pop-up when you start typing your location.


  • Use the location suggestions to avoid misspelled locations and other errors
  • Avoid very specific locations (like small cities) in combination with a lot of required keywords, this will limit your results

Step 4. Hit search!


Hit search and you will see the best matching profiles after has found them and enriched the profiles with valuable information.


  • You can wait a minute or so until you see your first results, or you wait until you get the automatic email notification that we will send you when your search is done running

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