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What we do

HeroHunt is the cross platform talent search engine for tech companies.

Our search engine returns the top matched candidates who are qualified for high growth tech environments.

Why build this?

Tech talent is the hardest to find talent in the market.

Demand keeps increasing and supply of talent lacks behind.

Relying on a single platform like LinkedIn doesn't cut it anymore.

You need to search in more sources, with algorithms tuned to tech requirements and find all information about a candidate before reaching out so you can increase your matching quality and personalize outreach.

One solution that does this all was missing.

So that's exactly what we have built.

The HeroHunt search engine:

  • Searches and returns tech candidate profiles real time
  • Can reach over 1 billion profiles
  • Finds public contact details including mail, phone number and social links
  • Is optimized for tech
  • Is compliant using publicly available information

Why you care

Using you'll be able to:

Find untapped and underrepresented talent pools: Find talent across not only LinkedIn but also GitHub, Stack Overflow and many more underutilized platforms. All with one solution.

Find passive talent: You might get dozens or hundreds of applications on your job ad, but what is the quality of those candidates really? Spoiler, a lot less than passive candidates who are not actively searching but who usually are open for conversation.

Find tech talent, only: Most solutions like LinkedIn are based on generalized algorithms for all roles and organizations. The HeroHunt algorithm is optimized for tech talent ready for product driven and fast growing companies.

Enjoy high matching accuracy to your job: Next to profile information, HeroHunt includes professional social media activities like social updates, code repositories and discussions in the matching of candidates so it can make the right match for you.

Find local or remote talent: Find the best tech talent across the entire globe regardless location, or focus your search on local talent.

Increase response rates: Reach out to talent exactly on the platforms where they are active. We find public contact details across the entire web so you don't have to waste time searching for them manually in different places.

Source with ease: No complex Boolean strings. We automatically recognize your keywords from your job description. You keep control by prioritizing and adding keywords.

How we compare

For many recruiters It's hard to believe that there is a sourcing solution better than LinkedIn.

An argument often used to stick to LinkedIn is that it has the biggest pool of candidates.

But that is not true.

Imagine you have all the information that you have in LinkedIn, but additionally you have access to profiles and information from other platforms.

Here's how HeroHunt compares to LinkedIn:

How it works

HeroHunt searches the best tech talent across the entire web.

Based on your search we automatically search all the relevant platforms for tech talent and return the best matching profiles.

First HeroHunt automatically recognizes and prioritizes all the keywords in your job description:

You keep the control and can reprioritize the keywords.

Based on your search, HeroHunt searches relevant platforms real time where tech talent is active like LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, AngelList, Kaggle and other platforms.

In a matter of seconds, you get to see the best candidate profiles that match your search.

All the public contact details that are found during the search are included in the profiles.

Because HeroHunt initiates your search in real time across platforms, it returns extremely accurate and fresh profile data.

We do not rely on outdated databases like other sourcing solutions do.

The contact details from candidates that are provided are public information, so you can reach candidates where they want to be reached.

You can reach out to the candidates you choose and find your next hire.

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What's next for HeroHunt?

We're working hard to make tech talent more accessible across the globe. Not only big companies with specialised sourcing teams should be able to find talent, also a team lead or colleague without recruitment experience should be able to do so.

Want to join us in our mission in any possible form? Reach out.