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10 cool scaleups in the Netherlands to work for

The tiny country called the Netherlands is creating emerging giants that provide massive career opportunities.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
December 19, 2020

A great place for startups & scaleups

The Netherlands is increasingly in the picture as a great place for startups. The Genome report earlier this year ranked the Amsterdam-Delta as the 3rd best place for startups in Europe. Amsterdam ranks 12th worldwide and it is home base to successful fast growing tech companies like Takeaway.com, Catawiki, MessageBird and Mollie, just to name a few (read our earlier blog to find out why startup jobs in the Netherlands are booming). Because of the rise of companies like these great career opportunities are created. Scaleups usually have found product market fit and are expanding in terms of team and geography, which provide you with the possibility to grow with the company.

Below are 10 scaleups to check out for career opportunities.


Catawiki is a marketplace for unique items. On the platform you can buy things like an old Shelby but also the world's smallest bible or a lock of Elvis Presley's hair. It all started with comic books, now it's one of the biggest auction platforms for unique items out there. Enough opportunities for you to contribute to its growth.


Picnic is the online marketplace for groceries. With a unique selection of products, they have created a huge fan base of customers which has only been increasing during times of lockdown. Picnic is rapidly expanding the team to meet (international) demand and clear up their customer waiting list.


MessageBird is an omnichannel communication platform providing communication through WhatsApp, Facebook, email, and other channels on one integrated platform. The company has been growing fast, especially the last years supported by large investments and a possible upcoming IPO. Might be time to jump on board and fly high with MessageBird.


Mollie is an online payment services platform praised for its user friendliness. In the crowded market of fintech they have managed to create a unicorn and continue international growth. It all started as a single founder bootstrapped startup, but now it has grown up to be an internationally operating company with a very engaged team.


Fairphone makes phones that come from a fair supply chain. This social enterprise is on a mission to change the way mobile phones are made, considering every part of the supply chain. Fairphone has done this by negotiating deals on the working conditions of mining laborers and with manufacturing plants in countries like China and Congo, just to give an example. A put your money where your mouth is company with a globally recognized brand.


Otrium is an online fashion outlet marketplace with hundreds of designer stores on a mission to enable the sales of every single clothing piece that's ever manufactured. Ranked by Deloitte Fast 50 as the fastest growing tech company of the Netherlands, definitely one worth checking for career opportunities.


Channable is a tool for feed management and PPC automation. With their solution clients can send their items for sale to comparison websites, affiliate platforms and marketplaces. Channable has grown at an impressive speed with limited funding in a very short time. Don't miss out.


Sendcloud is an all in one delivery platform focussed on e-commerce. Not so much in the public eye as most of the previously mentioned scaleups but this award winning company is nevertheless a fascinating high growth company.


Just Eat Takeaway.com is a leading online food delivery marketplace. With their platform they serve consumers in 24 countries. The rapid international growth and bold brand creates interesting career opportunities for marketing & sales talent.


3D Hubs is an on-demand manufacturing and rapid prototyping company where clients can order custom parts online. Sounds cool, and it is. 3D Hubs enables industrial companies to build custom parts from local markets so they can use quality products and reduce their footprint. With the current focus on industrial companies as clients they grow fast and they have opened offices internationally.

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