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Expand your horizon and find talent in niche platforms that provide rich information and outreach possibilities.

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Find talent across a variety of platforms

More platforms means more profiles.

'Finally an easy way to find engineers through platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow'

Search talent across platforms

HeroHunt searches automatically through not only LinkedIn, but also platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow. Therefore we find more profiles for you and more information about the candidate.

Richer candidate information

Many candidate types like tech talent have notoriously incomplete and outdated LinkedIn profiles. A lot of talent does have complete and accurate information on other platforms. finds that information and brings it together in one profile.

Engage with talent in the places where they are active

HeroHunt gives you the platforms and contact details that candidates have made public so you can reach them in the places where they want to be contacted and respond from.

What our customers say

We like to surprise users with an ever improving smooth search and outreach experience.

“I find 2x the software engineers now from LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow combined“

Dego de Luca
Inhouse tech recruiter

“I was skeptical first.. but then I was surprised to find entirely different profiles than with the big blue, it's a keeper :) “

Indra Allaman
Tech recruiter experienced hires

“The best part is that talent found on other platforms are less competed for and easier to get a response from“

Elsemieke Leemans
Recruiter at software recruiting agency

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