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Using HeroHunt is like using LinkedIn, but than a lot more smoother and more affordable. With HeroHunt you can find all public LinkedIn profiles out there, including enriched information from other sources.

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Data in HeroHunt is extremely fresh. Because HeroHunt searches realtime for profiles, you get the most up to date data. We don't use bought and outdated databases like other sourcing solutions do.

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We want to make public profiles accessible for anyone who needs to find talent. That's why we offer a soft and sweet price for all businesses, from big to tiny.

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We like to surprise users with an ever improving smooth search and outreach experience.

“In HeroHunt.ai I find all the LinkedIn profiles that I can find in LinkedIn itself, paying just $99“

Sophie Moore
Inhouse recruiter

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Daniel Cannon
SaaS Founder

“In LinkedIn I always get matches that are just off, in HeroHunt search results just make a lot more sense“

Rogier Daniels
Tech recruiter at agency

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HeroHunt has a lot more to offer than fresh LinkedIn profiles.