Recruit on complete autopilot

Recruit the right candidates on complete autopilot with autogenerated personalized messages, automated sending sequences and sending analytics.

Talent engagement engine

Reach candidates at scale

Engage candidates with personalized message sequences and get responses.

'500 candidates reached in a week with automatic follow ups sent from the platform, very powerful'

Hyper-personalized outreach

Automation shouldn't mean less less personal outreach. Personalized messages are automatically generated with AI for every candidate you want to reach out.

Completely automated messages

Finally stop wasting your time with manual outreach, profile by profile. Add dozens or even hundreds candidates to an outreach sequence and let engage automatically.

Get smarter with outreach analytics

Get a better understanding of how your outreach is performing with sending analytics including open and reply rates.

What our customers say

We like to surprise users with an ever improving smooth user experience and impact by turning profiles into hire, fast.

“We had bad experiences with automation tools, but showed us we can actually reach out at scale without compromising on the quality of conversations“

Pinal Fasale
Head of Recruitment Fractional

“Kind of crazy to realise that we used to reach out manually, one by one, after I can't imagine doing that anymore“

Jeann Weiss
Software Recruiters

“The message sequences with automatic follow ups are the most powerful feature for our team. We reach more candidates and get a lot more responses in now.“

Arun Dhillon
Recruitment leader All There Is

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