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8 billion candidates

We believe the best talent can be anywhere. Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Vietnam, Brazil you name it. Our talent pool is 8 billion people. Different cultures, backgrounds and personalities in our team are a key differentiator, not a burden.

Live the dream, build a legacy

We enjoy our work as much as we enjoy our hobbies and free time. We're positive about life in general. We always strive to live the dream, not just dream it. By doing what we love with our combined brains, ideas and execution power we live the dream and leave a legacy.

Free thinking is big thinking

Promoting each other to think freely for ourselves brings us to places no captured mind could venture. We want to be a company that inspires everyone involved to share their unique ideas and that enables a feeling of freedom of thought and action.

New experiences for the win

If we have never ventured to the places we envision, way out of our comfort zone, we go there anyway with an open mind, step by step. The best product is created by people with true skill, new skills come from new experiences.

Creativity is curiosity put to work

Ideas alone are nothing but ideas. Every significant idea that we have has to be shared, nurtured and either executed, challenged or dismissed. From a spark to results, nothing beats focused relentless execution so if an idea is worth it, no matter where it came from, we'll put the work in to make it happen.