A partnership aimed at growth and product differentiation

Partner with HeroHunt.ai and offer new products, open new markets and distribute your product or service across a global audience.

50+ partners

From enterprise to small business

Bottom line impact

A partnership that grows revenue

Global coverage

Share a global audience and grow

A partnership with HeroHunt.ai

HeroHunt.ai partners with several software and services business across the globe with a variety of partnership types.

Affiliate partner

Get a direct revenue share for every new customer that signs up through your unique affiliate link.

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Resell partner

Grow your revenue and offer a differentiated product by reselling the existing HeroHunt.ai solution using your own platform and distribution channels. Reach out in chatbot on this page for more details.

Integration partner

A one or two way integration of the partner’s solution with HeroHunt.ai’s solutions. Reach out in chatbot on this page for more details.

Marketing partner

With the HeroHunt Marketing Partnership we’re exchanging very concrete and easy to deliver growth gains with our partners. A simple mention on a website and a review can already make a big difference for online brands. Reach out in chatbot on this page for more details.

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Why partner with us?

Leading in AI recruitment

We lead in product differentiation with the development of our AI recruiter

Global user base

Our users and customers come from all across the globe

Strong brand and domain

We focus on growing our online brand and domain reputation

A partner with a track record

No vague agreements. When you partner with us we help you grow revenue.

The product

Every time someone subscribes for Uwi you start earning

An innovative product that your referrals will be eager to explore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are examples of how partners grow with HeroHunt.ai?

Here are some examples of how our partners grow with us:

An example is Greenhouse who we have an integration partnership with.

Talent marketplaces
: An example is Cyberr.ai, a talent marketplace that adds HeroHunt.ai AI Recruiter functionality to provide an extended search outside of the talent pool of the marketplace

Bounty platforms: an example is Bounty Hunter World which resells and promotes HeroHunt.ai to their customer base of recruiters.

Employer of Record (EOR): Examples are Remote.com and Skuad with whom we have an affiliate partnership.

What are the requirements for partnering

We aim to be transparent about why we partner.

Previously successful partnerships have proven to match these requirements:

There's a concrete reciprocal goal to help each other grow customer base and revenue.

We're complementary in terms of product and/or service offering.

3. You have the resources to invest in partnerships.

Do you join partnership programs of other companies

Yes. We're happy to follow the partnership program of other companies if we think we can grow together.

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