No more manual one-by-one outreach, let Uwi reach out on autopilot

Let AI Recruiter Uwi reach out to hundreds of potential candidates a day with a series of automated and highly personalized messages sent in minutes.

Engage talent on autopilot

Send messages automatically and get responses

Stop sending single emails manually, choose a faster scalable approach.


Send AI generated personalized messages to candidates automatically.

Automated follow ups

Send follow ups only when the candidate didn't reply yet.

Sending analytics

Know exactly how many messages were sent, opened and replied to.

'With HeroHunt I now send 100 emails every day to highly targeted candidates with 30% response'

Auto generated messages

Sent automatically

Tracked with outreach analytics

The benefits

Your competitive edge with Engage

Save time

No more manual copy/pasting and sending, automate the full cycle of your work, save time and hire more.

Get more responses

Higher response rates with automated personalizations and mailbox verification.

Verified contact details

Land straight in the candidate's inbox and don't worry about undeliverable emails.

Send more, faster

Reach hundreds of candidates daily with hyper-personalized messages.

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Uwi is ready to recruit for you

Recruit candidates on autopilot

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