What we do

We help tech companies find the best, and only the best tech talent across the entire web

“A career at a fast growing tech company is not for everybody. Continuous growth and change requires an incredible resilience, autonomy and skillset. You need these traits and experience with a tech product to thrive in the demanding environment of a fast growing tech company. Those talents are scarce and hard to find.“

Yuma Heymans
Co-founder & CEO HeroHunt.ai

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Daniel Cannon
Head of Marketing at Google

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John Carter
Head of Marketing at Google

Our story

Candidate information is spread across the entire web. But recruiters are heavily reliant on LinkedIn only. Alternative sourcing solutions don’t solve the problem, they rely on outdated data dumps and raise privacy concerns. We create a full view on a candidate’s profile so our users can find anyone across the web. It should be possible for anyone to find the best talent based on complete and accurate information, regardless of their sourcing skill or ability to pay.

Welcome to HeroHunt.ai

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Our Values

What drives us every day

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We value contribution over achievement

Contribution is what counts. We love seeing the smile on a single customer’s face. We get pumped because we believe we can help someone. We're not motivated by recognition, appraisal and entitlement.

We jump in the cold water

We dare to take the jump. Also when we don't know what the water will be like. We take responsibility for our actions. We respect each other for making mistakes and owning them.

We find happiness in the pursuit

We love the process. We don't have expectations, we only have goals. We team up, execute, fail and try again with everything we have learned. We love the game so much that we forget about the prize.

We aim for long term, sustainable growth

Doing the thing that you love requires long and hard work. We grow personally by continuous reflection and we grow our business by doing a bit better for our customers every day. True impact comes in decades, not years.

We live to learn

Every day is a day to explore, grow and be surprised. We are self taught. We make a great team because nobody knows, everybody is always learning. Whatever happens, we can always learn something new.

We broadcast who we are

We share what we do with the people who should hear. We stay authentic while we do it. We dance for no one, but dance with anyone. We are honest about our intentions, thoughts and feelings. We build brand with potent broadcasting power.

Our Team

The HeroHunt.ai team welcomes you

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We value diversity in the team because we believe you can learn most from the people who are different from you.

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Sai Mithun

Data scientist

Data scientist with strong statistical and analytical capabilities.

Yulia Yaremenko

Business Development & Marketing

I am a driven, enthusiastic, responsible person with proven communication, problem-solving and adaptive skills.

Melike Mavral

Digital Marketing Expert

Engaging the right talent and startups through marketing.

Lucian Simo

Co-founder and CTO

Leading the tech side of business for HeroHunt.ai.

Simona Kuzmanova

Innovation Consultant

Using social capital to connect the startup ecosystem.

Levente Szegedi

Customer Development

Understanding our clients better and helping improve our value delivered.

Yuma Heymans

Co-founder & CEO

Leading strategy, brand and marketing side of HeroHunt.ai.

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Data scientist intern

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Amsterdam / Remote
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Intern Digital Marketing (Bsc, Msc)

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Amsterdam / Remote
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Intern Business Development (Bsc)

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Amsterdam / Remote
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Full Time

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