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Frequently Asked Questions

What is one user?

One user is one individual team member making use of HeroHunt.ai. When you use HeroHunt.ai with several users your account is collaborative, meaning that you can work together in one account to source for several roles. HeroHunt.ai helps to keep track of who did what when. This way you can properly manage your sourcing and recruiting efforts. Every individual user can integrate their own email account for the most personal approach.

Why is your talent search and engagement engine different?

HeroHunt.ai is different from other sourcing and recruiting platforms in several ways:

HeroHunt.ai finds 1 billion candidate profiles from different platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow. This means that as a HeroHunt.ai user, you can find all LinkedIn profiles but also have access to 'uncompetitive' profiles from platforms which other recruiters would never find.

HeroHunt.ai returns the best matching candidates based on AI skills validation. This means that you don't have to waste time looking at profiles that are actually not matching your job description.

3. HeroHunt.ai finds verified contact details and lets you reach out automatically with auto generated personalized messages and message sequences. This means you can can source the best talent in minutes, instead of having to spend time one manually searching, copying and pasting and manually drafting and sending messages.

How does the intelligence behind HeroHunt.ai work?

HeroHunt.ai analyses the available job description from the client side (a company that is hiring) and turns it into an automated real-time search.

Based on the automated search HeroHunt.ai returns the best matching candidates from a total of 1 billion profiles that HeroHunt.ai can find.

Then all profiles are enriched with relevant information on the candidate. With this full view on the candidate's skills, interests and background, HeroHunt.ai uses Artificial Intelligence technology to help understand which candidates are the absolute best matching candidates.

The top matches are shared with the you in seconds, including verified contact details that were found across the web.

HeroHunt.ai's outreach automation technology enables you to scale your recruitment activities by completely automation outreach.

Why can I find and reach candidates for this small price?

Because we built a scalable solution that can offer our services to a lot of clients for a small price. With traditional recruitment methods you would have to use manual search processes which requires expert knowledge on sourcing and is very time consuming and costly.

Can I cancel my plan anytime I want?

Yes, you can cancel your plan anytime you want. Whether that's monthly or yearly, you choose.