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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Uwi really recruit on complete autopilot for me?

Uwi is your personal AI recruitment assistant and will indeed automatically recruit the right talent for you. You stay in the driver's seat, by including the job description and requirements you want to include, approving the candidates to reach out to and by being able to edit the prompts for AI generated outreach messages.

But for the biggest part you sit back and relax until you start getting interested replies in :)

You even can track everything that Uwi does for you by checking the position results (candidates reached, replies, etc).

What is one position slot and when do positions reset?

One position is one role that Uwi recruits for. If you run a position for a front-end developer for example, that would be one position used out of your monthly credit.

The position slots reset monthly. For example if have the Pro plan which allows for 10 new positions per month, every month you can have Uwi recruit for 10 new positions and the next month you will have another 10 new positions. In this example you can let Uwi recruit for a sales manager, developer, a support agent and seven other roles in one given month. The next month you can have Uwi recruit for 10 completely new roles. Your previous positions will always stay visible for you.

What is one user?

One user is one individual user who can sign in to When for example a team of 3 users uses they need the Pro plan which allows for 3 users.

How does the AI technology behind and Uwi work?

Uwi is an AI recruitment assistant who was built to support the entire cycle of the outbound recruiting process: searching, screening and outreach.

Uwi is pretty smart and can understand a job description and its context. She finds the best talent across 1 billion profiles across the web and returns the best candidates.


Uwi screens candidate profiles and related public data sources to understand the full picture of how well that potential candidate matches the job description input. Then she scores the profiles and ranks them based on who the best matches are.

Uwi looks at the job description input and the matching candidates and then generates personalized outreach messages that she uses to message the candidates. She also sends follow up messages if the candidate didn't respond yet. She keeps track of all the important numbers, like potential candidates reached and replies.

What do I get in the free trial?

In the free trial you get a decent idea for what Uwi can do and Uwi might already be able to recruit some candidates for you, although there are some limitations in the trial. You can run 3 positions with a limited amount of profiles screened. You can also let Uwi reach out to candidates that you approve.

When you are on a premium plan, you get the amount of indicated position slots based on the plan you choose and there are no limits to the amount of profiles screened and reached.