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Expand your horizon and make the world your talent pool. Erase border limitations and let quality of talent drive your hiring success. With HeroHunt there are no exceptions to where you can search.

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Target any location with HeroHunt's location search options. Target countries, regions or cities. Exclude locations if you need to.

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We like to surprise users with an ever improving smooth search and outreach experience.

“Finding talent locally was hard, so we shifted our hiring focus to other countries with the help of HeroHunt“

Pinal Fasale
Tech recruiter Booz

“We used to use profile databases with a limited selection of profiles, luckily with HeroHunt we can find any profile now“

Melek Demir
SaaS Recruiter

“With HeroHunt's location search options I can target multiple countries and exclude certain cities“

Tim Carter
Recruiter at Tech Recruiting Agent

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