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10 hiring scaleups with home base in Amsterdam

Another overview of Dutch scaleups that are hiring growth talent, this time with home base in Amsterdam.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
January 19, 2021

Scaleups in Amsterdam

In our earlier blogs we listed 10 young and fast growing Dutch startups that are hiring growth talent and 10 cool scaleups in the Netherlands to work for. In this blog we give another overview of 10 Dutch scaleups that are hiring for growth.

These are 10 scaleups in Amsterdam that are hiring growth talent


24sessions is a video-first customer engagement platform. With their scheduling, video calling and analytics solution they enable frictionless remote experiences. With a series A round last year, an office launched in Paris and named the 16th fastest growing tech company in the Netherlands, they are up for their next session of growth, with you.


WeTransfer was founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world. One of the ways they make money is by selling beautiful advertisement space instead of the annoying ads you are used to. WeTransfer provides about one third of the ads space to artists and charities so they can showcase their art and cause for free. It’s speculated that WeTransfer is preparing an IPO so a lot is happening on their front. Interesting company to be part of so you might want to take the transfer.


Zivver makes sure their customers can share sensitive information through email and video calls in a safe way. Especially customers in industries like healthcare, finance, legal and the public sector love Zivver’s platform because, well, loads of sensitive data. Named the second fastest growing tech company in the Netherlands and backed with $17M VC funding they’re ready to grow even faster. Joining the Zivver team is a safe bet.


Framer is a free prototyping tool for teams. On Framer's platform users can develop web- and mobile prototypes using Framer's native tools but also a marketplace of third party integrations. Founded by two ex-Facebook employees in 2014 who have raised tens of millions, this a journey designed to impress.


Virtuagym is a SaaS company that provides fitness tools for consumers and business solutions for health clubs, personal trainers, physiotherapists and corporate health services. They currently support around 7.000 business clients and have over 16 million end-users all over the world. With a lot of people at home in current times, the apps got a significant boost of users in the last year. Virtuagym is looking for some heavy weights to join their muscle machine.


Internet of Things (IoT) playtime is over. Hiber decided to have SpaceX launch Hiber’s satellites into space to help their clients do actual useful stuff with IoT on the ground like measuring water supply, soil temperature, gas pressure or even tracking livestock. Hiber is funded by European and VC money and is despite some hick ups due to covid still one very interesting company to join. Time to measure up because Hiber is looking for talent.


EVBox has built flexible Electric Vehicle (EV) charging solutions for businesses and homes. EVBox has recently hit an important milestone of 200.000 EV charging pods worldwide, showing their solution is more relevant than ever. The already huge EVBox team is hiring and ready to charge you up.


Adyen provides payment services like online, in-app and POS payment solutions. Adyen is a unicorn that went public a couple of years ago, so they're a grownup rather than a scaleup. Adyen is constantly expanding on international grounds and that means extending the team at lightspeed. Adyen's career page is full of interesting career opportunities so pay attention.


Dott is offering clean rides all over Europe with their on demand e-scooters. They are currently introducing a new electric bike sharing service which they are launching in Paris and London. An international company with wild plans to extent their footprint. Do you have the drive to join Dott?


Bitfury is an emerging technologies company on a mission to make the world a little more secure and trusted through the use of AI, blockchain, bitcoin and high-performance computing. Bitfury is a true crypto-native startup and is recognized globally as one of the leading blockchain companies. I heard this crypto thing is going to be big, want to jump in?

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