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5 hiring legal tech startups in the Netherlands

These startups are leveraging technology to create the new era of legal services, and are looking for growth talent in the Netherlands!

September 29, 2020
Levente Szegedi
March 16, 2021

Earlier, you could read about 10 Dutch scaleups looking for growth talent, and about 10 hiring scaleups with home base in Amsterdam. Now, let’s turn our attention to hiring legal tech startups in the Netherlands.

Virtual Vaults

Virtual Vaults is a virtual data room provider. They promise to make hard deals easy by offering safe, secure, and easy-to-use data rooms for their users. Deloitte, Allen & Overy, and ING are some of the big names they serve in the industries of consulting, legal, and banking, respectively. Definitely a safe house to enter. Will you knock on their door?


Juriblox is a multi-purpose cloud platform for legal tech solutions. With the use of AI, it allows for document assembly, process optimization, contract lifecycle management, and online dispute resolution. Interestingly, juriblox was created as a spin-off from ICTRecht, a Dutch legal consultancy firm specialized in IT and internet law, where this software had already been in use and proven to be a success-driver. Will you help them create the building bloxs of the legal cloud?


Stiply is an electronic signature provider, saving time for their customers by providing a seamless signing process, while also saving countless trees by eliminating the need for printing documents to be signed. They believe that higher job satisfaction and sustainability go hand in hand. Would you ste(i)p in? Well, they are hiring.

Privacy Perfect

Privacy Perfect is a compliance management platform, specifically for the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU. Thanks to them, thousands of privacy professionals, such as Data Protection Officers, Legal Counsels, and Chief Information Security Officers, can enjoy an easier regulatory compliance process. Awareness around privacy is growing across the globe. Is this your perfect opportunity to get onboard?


Uitelkaar strives to provide relief for divorcing couples. On their online platform, following a step-by-step guide, couples are able to reach an agreement easier and quicker than with traditional processes, and part ways on good terms. Uitelkaar is a startup with a social focus, based in The Hague. Are you in favor of peaceful negotiations? See their current openings.

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