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AmazingHiring pricing 2024: what does it cost you

These are the latest pricing indications for an AmazingHiring account.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
January 5, 2024

AmazingHiring is a talent database that provides access to its database for a yearly fee.

AmazingHiring does not share their pricing on their website and applies pricing that can differ per customer.

That’s why we wrote this guide so you can better understand what AmazingHiring can cost you.

We'll answer these questions for you:

  • Which AmazingHiring plans are there?
  • What does AmazingHiring cost?
  • When should I pay for AmazingHiring?
  • What are alternatives to AmazingHiring?

Which AmazingHiring plans are there?

AmazingHiring has a pay per seat model.

This means that you pay a price per user that uses the software, no matter the intensity of usage.

A license provides access to AmazingHiring’s database offered at yearly pricing.

What does AmazingHiring cost?

According to the latest pricing indications AmazingHiring charges $4800 per user per year.

On average, customers pay around $400 per user per month (with a yearly contract).

That means with a team of 5 recruiters, the software will cost you around $24.000 per year.

When should I pay for AmazingHiring ?

AmazingHiring has a limited set of candidate profiles in their database. So if you choose to use AmazingHiring, you have to realize that you can miss out on candidates who are a match for your job but who are not in AmazingHiring’s database.

That said, AmazingHiring can be an effective tool, especially when you’re looking for software engineers since AmazingHiring has always been focussed on finding software engineers.

But consider your alternatives though.

There are more affordable solutions in the market which can find more profiles and more contact details.

What alternatives are there?

If you’re not 100% convinced of AmazingHiring you have plenty of alternatives to look into.

These are some of the best alternatives to buying an AmazingHiring license:

1. Use a more up-to-date and affordable talent search engine

There are many other solutions that let you achieve the same thing as AmazingHiring, but faster and for a more affordable price.

An example is HeroHunt.ai which finds tech talent across platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow with always up-to-date data and more contact details than any other tools.

2. Google X-ray

X-raying is a technique used to find profiles via Google from specific websites. You can for example find a LinkedIn profile by using ‘site:linkedin.com/in’ in google to find candidate profiles.

You can apply this same technique for other websites.

To learn more about x-raying see this extensive X-raying guide.

X-raying obviously does not let you find contact details and reach out in an automated way.

You have to screen profiles manually, find contact details yourself and write your own outreach messages.

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