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Announcing Uwi: The World’s First AI Recruiter

Uwi is here and she will recruit for you on autopilot.

July 26, 2021
Yuma Heymans
April 24, 2024

The recruitment landscape is undergoing its most significant transformation in two decades, entering a new era of autonomous recruitment with the introduction of AI Recruiter Uwi.

The Challenges of Traditional Recruitment

Historically, recruiters and hiring managers have been tethered to conventional job boards and platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter, relying heavily on manual search techniques involving Boolean strings and filter systems. 

This process is not only time-consuming but also fraught with limitations, from a lack of domain-specific understanding to the inability of search engines to contextualize and interpret crucial data accurately and endless manual outreach processes. 

As a result, the candidate matches often fall short of expectations and recruiters are burdened with inefficiency and frustration with disappointing results when it comes to quality and number of hires.

Introducing Uwi: Completely Autonomous Recruitment 

We are thrilled to welcome Uwi, an AI recruitment agent capable of autonomously finding, screening, and engaging candidates. 

Uwi leverages the power of over one billion profiles available on the web, utilizing Large Language Models (LLMs) and the entire web’s knowledge to streamline every phase of the recruitment process. 

From contextual search and detailed screening to personalized engagement, Uwi transforms recruitment into a seamless, automated cycle that was previously unimaginable.

Key capabilities of AI Recruiter Uwi:
  • Search: Uwi revolutionizes profile searching by making it contextual and iterative, moving beyond static filter based searches to a dynamic discovery process.
  • Screening: Uwi autonomously screens candidates, utilizing deep language and contextual understanding to evaluate the suitability of candidates far beyond what manual screening can achieve.
  • Engagement: With Uwi, engagement is not just about reaching out but about connecting meaningfully. Uwi crafts hyper-personalized messages that are timed perfectly and matched with both job requirements, candidate profiles and relevant general knowledge.

Experience the Future of Recruitment

Uwi is not a tool; she is your gateway towards an efficient, bias-free, and deeply informed recruiting process. Say goodbye to spending most of your time creating searches, scrolling through thousands of profiles, battling user interfaces, and the repetitive work of manual outreach. 

Let Uwi do the boring and repetitive, so you can be more successful and can focus on the more fulfilling things like having meaningful conversations with the candidates who have shown interest.

We invite you to experience the future of recruitment today. Empower your recruitment process and results with the precision, efficiency and autonomy of modern AI.

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