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Best recruitment software for startups: A brief guide

This is a guide to the tools that will help you scale your team fast with the right growth minded tech talent.

July 26, 2021
Yuma Heymans
July 29, 2021

Tools to hire for growth

The high growth environment of startups, constant change and the need for the top 1% growth minded people requires good software that enables hiring at lightspeed.

But with limited recruitment resources and the vast variety of available tooling, it can be hard to decide on which tools fit your recruitment goals best.

Recruitment software for startups needs to be:

  1. Effective in terms of helping you find the right people enabled by data driven decision making
  2. Flexible in terms of pricing so you can change plans whenever your needs change
  3. Easy enough to start using it today and integrate it in your recruitment process
  4. Scalable in terms of functionality so the tool can grow with your rapidly changing team

So what tools are available on the market that meet your startup hiring goals?

We provide an overview of tooling based on three stages in your recruitment journey: sourcing, outreach and hiring.

Sourcing software

Sourcing is the process of finding the right candidates for your open position using different sources where candidates can be found.


Recruitin is an X-ray search string generator. It creates the right Boolean search strings based on the fields you choose to include in your search. You can create search strings for LinkedIn, GitHub, Dribbble, Xing, Stack Overflow and Twitter to find candidates based on your keywords. All straight from Google. 

Price: Free

Ease of use: Super easy


GlossaryTech is a chrome extension that helps you identify the key technologies that engineers have on their LinkedIn profile. You can see in one glance what technical skills someone has and it also helps you with definitions of technologies for when you’re not sure what they mean.

Price: Free

Ease of use: Super easy


HeroHunt is a cross platform talent search engine specifically designed for tech companies. The tool searches through millions of profiles on several platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Kaggle and Angellist to provide the best matching candidates for your job.

Price: Free version and paid plans (€99 - €399 per month)

Ease of use: Super easy

Outreach software

Outreach is the process of getting in touch with potential candidates en starting a conversation that could lead to an interview.

Meet Alfred

Meet Alfred is a LinkedIn automation and social engagement tool. You can set up automated campaigns that sends for an example LinkedIn connection invites to your list of selected candidates. You can also set up emailing or other social media campaigns. The tool also provides reports on conversation rates.

Price: Free version and paid plans (€25 - €70 per month)

Ease of use: Easy enough


Zapier is a very powerful 'If this then that' like automation tool. You can automate your most repetitive activities like emails, CRM registrations, ATS actions and thousands of other apps and processes.

Price: Free version and paid plans (€15 - €500 per month)

Ease of use: Doable


ContactOut is a contact finder that finds email addresses, phone numbers and links to social platforms. When you have found a candidate you can easily lookup their contact details by going to their profile and using the ContactOut chrome extension. Similar solutions are Lusha and RocketReach.

Price: Free version and paid plans (€30 - €140 per month)

Ease of use: Super easy


Calendly is a smart and easy to use automated scheduling tool. Schedule your candidate interviews by just sending a link to the candidate where they can book a call with you for a predefined timeslot. You can also use Goodtime.

Price: Free

Ease of use: Super easy

Hiring software

Hiring is the process of turning candidates into employees.


Recruitee is a cloud-based ATS. Next to the basics of the ATS like candidate relationship management and tracking of touchpoints, Recruitee provides career sites, candidate-friendly application forms and sourcing tools.

Price: Free and paid plans (€165 - €290 per month)

Ease of use: Easy enough


HackerRank lets you to conduct interviews based on pre-built assessments for developers. You can for an example assess a candidate developer on languages like Java or MySQL or on entire frameworks like Angular.

Price: Free version and paid plans (€20 - €500 per month)

Ease of use: Easy enough

Breezy HR

Breezy HR is affordable end to end recruitment software with functionalities like candidate management, email scheduling, reports, job advertising, sourcing and referral portals. 

Price: Free and paid plans (€120 - €350 per month)

Ease of use: Easy enough

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