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Best Resume parsing solutions in 2024

Processing CV information manually? You can automate that. These are the best resume parsing tools.

July 26, 2021
Yuma Heymans
February 27, 2024

Resume parsing software plays a crucial role in streamlining the hiring process.

These tools leverage advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to efficiently process, analyze, and store information from resumes.

This enables recruiters to quickly identify the most suitable candidates for open positions.

Below is a detailed list of the top resume parsing solutions, categorized to help recruiters and HR professionals find the best fit for their needs.

  1. Hirize
  2. Textkernel
  3. Sovren
  4. Pinpoint
  5. Daxtra
  6. Rchilli
  7. Recruiterflow
  8. TalentSorter
  9. Ideal
  10. HeroHunt.ai

1. Hirize

Hirize emerges as a leading AI-based Resume Parsing API, designed to enhance the efficiency of the recruitment process. By leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and deep-learning AI technologies, Hirize offers a comprehensive solution capable of parsing data from a wide array of file formats including DOCX, PDF, and JPEG. This tool is specifically tailored to meet the demands of modern recruitment, offering high accuracy and flexibility in integration.

  • Price: Plans start at $79/month for the Demo package, $350/month for the Standard package, and $500/month for the Premium package. Custom packages for HR vendors are also available.
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Key feature: Hirize stands out for its AI-based resume parsing API, boasting a 95% accuracy rate and the ability to parse data from any file format, including docx, pdf, jpeg, etc.
  • Best for: Enterprise and HR vendors
  • Why it is great for recruiters: Hirize's precision in parsing and AI profile matching, coupled with customizable packages, makes it ideal for recruiters seeking reliable, scalable solutions tailored to their specific needs.

2. Textkernel

Textkernel specializes in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to offer cutting-edge resume parsing and job matching solutions. Acquiring another AI resume parsing tool, Sovren, has bolstered Textkernel's market penetration, making it a formidable player in the recruitment technology space. This solution is renowned for its ability to provide deep insights into recruitment operations and enhance candidate engagement through its platform.

  • Price: Pricing details are not publicly available; interested parties are encouraged to contact Textkernel directly for specific pricing information.
  • Free trial: Offers a one-month free trial with limited document parsing.
  • Key feature: Textkernel's unique selling point is its comprehensive AI solutions for resume parsing and skill matching, combined with APIs for competitor analysis to predict hiring strategies.
  • Best for: Mid-market to enterprise-level organizations
  • Why it is great for recruiters: For recruiters, Textkernel's advanced matching capabilities and insights into competitor hiring strategies provide a significant advantage in attracting and engaging the right talent efficiently.

3. Sovren

Sovren is a robust resume parsing API known for its pinpoint accuracy and impressive uptime, making it a reliable choice for enterprises. It ensures advanced security by not storing data and encrypting all transactions. With fast processing and significantly fewer errors compared to competitors, Sovren promotes unbiased hiring by anonymizing resumes, which is crucial for maintaining fairness in the recruitment process.

  • Price: Pricing details are provided upon request.
  • Free trial: Not explicitly mentioned; contact Sovren for trial options.
  • Key feature: Its standout feature is the ability to deliver efficient and accurate parsing results with extensive language support and insightful summaries, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of candidate profiles.
  • Best for: Enterprise
  • Why it is great for recruiters: Sovren's unbiased hiring feature and the ability to handle a vast array of document formats make it an excellent tool for recruiters aiming for a diverse and competent workforce.

4. Pinpoint

Pinpoint is a comprehensive recruitment solution that not only includes resume parsing but also offers a wide array of features designed to streamline the entire recruitment process. From blind screening to reduce unconscious bias to candidate scorecards for objective feedback, Pinpoint offers a modern approach to recruitment that prioritizes diversity and efficiency.

  • Price: Starting from $600/month
  • Free trial: Not mentioned; inquire directly for any trial options.
  • Key feature: Blind screening and candidate scorecards are key features that distinguish Pinoint, helping organizations to make unbiased hiring decisions.
  • Best for: Mid-market to enterprise
  • Why it is great for recruiters: Its suite of tools for reducing bias and efficiently managing candidate feedback makes Pinpoint ideal for recruiters focused on building a diverse and talented workforce.

5. Daxtra

DaXtra Technologies stands out as a leader in the resume parsing software arena, known for its high accuracy, multilingual capabilities, and automation in recruitment processes. Serving a global clientele, DaXtra supports businesses in enhancing their recruitment workflow applications, improving data quality, and facilitating efficient candidate search and analytics.

  • Price: Contact Daxtra for pricing information.
  • Free trial: Not mentioned; inquire directly for any trial options.
  • Key feature: The structured parsed data format provided by DaXtra offers a potential edge in CV search, analytics, and reporting, making it invaluable for recruiters.
  • Best for: Mid-market to enterprise
  • Why it is great for recruiters: DaXtra's support for multiple languages and its automated recruitment solutions make it a top choice for recruiters looking to streamline their hiring process and find the best talent globally.

6. Rchilli

Rchilli is recognized for its comprehensive resume parsing and data enrichment solutions, aimed at improving the recruiter's efficiency by automating the extraction and interpretation of resume data. Leveraging NLP and AI, Rchilli caters to ATS, job boards, and enterprises by providing detailed structured data to facilitate quick and informed hiring decisions.

  • Price: Starts from $75.00/Month.
  • Free trial: Not explicitly mentioned; interested parties should contact Rchilli for trial options.
  • Key feature: Rchilli's Semantic Search feature stands out by enabling recruiters to onboard the right candidate from the database by matching resumes with job descriptions accurately.
  • Best for: SMB to enterprise
  • Why it is great for recruiters: Its ability to parse numerous resumes with scalability makes Rchilli an essential tool for recruiters aiming to streamline their workflow and enhance candidate matching accuracy.

7. Recruiterflow

Recruiterflow combines the simplicity and affordability of a CRM with the power of recruitment software. It offers a seamless end-to-end recruitment process from job posting to candidate communication and tracking. The intuitive design ensures that all recruitment activities are updated and accessible, facilitating efficient hiring practices.

  • Price: Starts from $69/Month.
  • Free trial: Yes.
  • Key feature: Its standout feature is the ability to post jobs on job boards for free, which significantly increases the visibility of job postings to attract qualified applicants.
  • Best for: SMB
  • Why it is great for recruiters: Recruiterflow's integration capabilities with email and calendars across devices ensure that recruiters can communicate effectively with candidates, making it an ideal tool for small to medium-sized recruiting firms.

8. TalentSorter

TalentSorter goes beyond traditional resume parsing by offering an innovative FitScore feature, which evaluates candidates based on essential personality traits and attitudes. This technology-driven approach helps hiring managers make informed decisions by providing insights into the suitability of applicants for specific roles.

  • Price: Starts at $499/month for the Starter Plan.
  • Free trial: Not mentioned; contact TalentSorter for trial options.
  • Key feature: The FitScore is a unique selling point, leveraging advanced human analytics and behavioral science to rate applicants, thereby enhancing the selection process.
  • Best for: SMB to mid-market
  • Why it is great for recruiters: TalentSorter's ability to screen and store resumes, coupled with the FitScore, provides recruiters with a powerful tool to identify the best fit for the job quickly and efficiently.

9. Ideal

Ideal is an AI-powered recruitment software designed to automate the initial stages of the hiring process. By utilizing machine learning and natural language processing, Ideal offers a suite of tools including resume screening, chatbots for candidate engagement, and actionable insights for ensuring diverse representation in the recruitment pipeline.

  • Price: Pricing is available on request.
  • Free trial: Not mentioned; inquire directly for any trial options.
  • Key feature: Ideal's AI improvement with recruiter feedback and automatic stage progression of candidates are key features that enhance the recruitment process.
  • Best for: Mid-market to enterprise
  • Why it is great for recruiters: Ideal's emphasis on automated resume screening and AI-driven insights make it a valuable tool for recruiters looking to improve efficiency and foster diversity in their hiring practices.

10. HeroHunt.ai

HeroHunt.ai is revolutionizing the recruitment industry with its advanced AI recruitment engine. It offers a full-cycle talent sourcing solution that enables recruiters to access over 1 billion profiles worldwide. With features like HeroHunt Search and HeroHunt Engage, it streamlines the process of finding and engaging with candidates across various platforms, making it a powerful tool for recruiters looking to reach a global talent pool efficiently.

  • Price: Starting from $97 per user per month.
  • Free trial: Offers a "Start for free" option, allowing users to try out the platform before committing.
  • Key feature: One of HeroHunt.ai's standout features is its ability to provide real-time search across platforms without relying on outdated and vulnerable databases. This ensures that the candidate information is always up-to-date and GDPR compliant.
  • Best for: Agency recruiters and in-house recruiters looking for a comprehensive tool to find and engage hard-to-find talent quickly across the globe.
  • Why it is great for recruiters: HeroHunt.ai simplifies the recruitment process by offering access to a vast database of candidates and automating outreach, allowing recruiters to save time and improve their hiring success. With many ATS integrations like the one with Greenhouse, further enhances its utility by enabling seamless candidate management and tracking.

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