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Introducing HeroHunt Engage: recruitment on autopilot

With today's launch of HeroHunt Engage you can reach talent in a highly personalized way on complete autopilot.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
March 22, 2023

If there’s one thing that has been confirmed in recent years is that the market for talent has become a candidate driven market.

Candidates can choose where and how they want to work, especially  highly sought after talent like in the tech industry.

That means that proactive engagement with those (passive) candidates has become the name of the game.

HeroHunt.ai already provided HeroHunt Search that recruiters used to find 1 billion candidates worldwide through several online platforms without the need of external tooling (you could second guess if you still need a pricey LinkedIn Recruiter seat).

HeroHunt Search got a little sister today.

Today we introduce HeroHunt Engage: a data-driven candidate engagement tool that lets you send automated message sequence and auto follow ups to candidates and track how many messages were opened and replied to.

Reach out in an automated, hyper-personalized way with multiple touchpoints

By using HeroHunt Engage you can reach out faster and more frequently to candidates in a personalized way, without having to draft messages yourself and without having to manage when to send which email.

HeroHunt Engage does that all for you.

As a result, you will see a conversion rate up to 2x higher and spend 5x less time on manual sourcing activities.

This is how HeroHunt Engage works:

1. Create an Engage flow

Create a new Engage and give it a name. You can also use one of the default Engages that is already included in your account.

2 Add your messages in the Engage flow

In this first step you set up the outreach message and follow ups that HeroHunt.ai will send on your behalf. For this you need to do two things: 1) include the message that you want to send and 2) select when the messages will be sent, you can select the amount of days at every step.

3. From HeroHunt Search, select the most relevant candidates to add to Engage

In HeroHunt Search you select the most relevant candidates profiles for your job and select the Engage you want them to enter.

If you’re not familiar yet with HeroHunt Search, you can try it for free here.

Combine the power of Search + Engage

We have seen two types of recruiters before they got introduced to HeroHunt.ai:

  1. Recruiters who do everything manually, from search to outreach
  2. Recruiters who use tooling, but need 3 to 10 different tools to make their workflow work

In the first case, you’re probably wasting too much time on manual copy and paste work and switching between platforms and screens.

In the second case, you must be spending a lot of money on the different tools, spend time on getting data from one place to another and make mistakes along the way.

Think about this; what if you have your search tool, your messaging tool and your insights tool in one solution.

With todays arrival of HeroHunt Engage and the current HeroHunt Search capabilities that is possible now.

By combining the already powerful HeroHunt Search (find 1 billion candidates worldwide including contact details, across platforms) with HeroHunt Engage (automate your engagement flow with automated messages) you can now easily reach 200 qualified candidates per day including automated follow up to increase responses and hires.

That means with just a 10% interested response rate in your offer, you’ll have 100 qualified and interested candidates in the funnel by the end of the work week.

And the best part is that it doesn’t have to cost you a work week, you can do this under an hour.

Try HeroHunt Engage today.

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