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10 young and fast growing Dutch startups that are hiring growth talent

Find out which upcoming startups of 5 years and younger started expanding their team and are hiring now.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
September 29, 2020

Fast and fearless

In our earlier blog you could read why startup jobs in the Netherlands are booming and which 10 cool scaleups in Amsterdam you to work for. In this blog you'll find 10 upcoming startups of 5 years and younger that started expanding their team. Being part of a relatively young startup provides huge career opportunities because when the company grows, your responsibilities and learning opportunities grow with it. Next to the learning opportunities, there can also be other benefits. Just look at the first developer who joined Facebook who was so kind to donate 75 million dollars to the UC of data science.

Here are 10 young but fast growing Dutch startups that are hiring growth talent.


Trengo is client support software which bundles different communication channels like WhatsApp, email, Messenger and other channels. With a recent boost of VC funding, an increasingly international client portfolio and a 10th place in the FD Gazelle Awards the team is ready to grow because it takes two to tango but it seems it takes many more to Trengo.


Convious is an all-in-one booking platform for the leisure industry with ticket ordering and conversion functionalities. Convious is backed by a relatively large VC investment and recently acquired a mobile ticket app to extent their already wide range of services and functionality.


Swipeguide delivers an intuitive way to standardize work in the manufacturing industry. Their digital instruction manual is used by tons of workers in the construction industry to better understand how they should do their job. Swipeguide is VC backed but more interestingly has a very diverse team with all kinds of backgrounds. Definitely one to swipe right.


Wundermart is the 24/7 unmanned data-driven (but physical) grocery shop. They supply offices with their own grocery shop with all kinds of delicious foods and drinks. Wundermart has raised capital to extend their business internationally and is hungry for more.


Goboony is the marketplace for Recreational Vehicles (RV’s). On their platform customers can book an RV for their next romantic trip or a weekend with friends. They are open for business developers and other talent. So if you ain't a loony, you better Goboony.


Formitable is an app for restaurants to manage online reservations, takeaways and provide Covid proof restaurant experiences. They are backed by several informal investors and actively expanding internationally. This company has a big appetite for working with talented people.


Orderchamp is reimagining wholesale by bringing independent retailers and brands together in a digital wholesale marketplace. With Black Friday they have processed one order per minute, no wonder why investors are continuing to invest in Orderchamp. And the beautiful thing is that you can be the next champion to join their team.


Trunkrs is taking care of same day and next day deliveries for Dutch webshops. Backed by a big recent investment round and a great vision, they aim for a 100 percent emission-free delivery in two years from now. They say good things come in small packages.


Shypple aims to reduce overall freight spend by 10% by managing and improving their supply chain. This VC and angel backed startup of the year is ready to make the world of freight a bit more fabulous bit by bit. Get ready to set sail with Shypple.


Dyme is a smart money management app that enables users to learn about their spending, cancel unnecessary subscriptions and save money. Dyme has invested their own money in the company next to a bit of VC support and they are now testing international grounds. Most certainly not a dime a dozen, career opportunities at Dyme ar as good as gold.

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