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How to use Google Alerts to recruit laid-off talent

Search for talent when and where it becomes available. This is how to get notified by Google Alerts when talent becomes available as a result of company layoffs.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
August 13, 2021

Talent becoming available as a result of layoffs

When companies have to let people go, it means that talent becomes available on the market.

Recruiting talent from companies that let talent go is a proven recruitment strategy.

But how can you be the first to know when companies are letting people go?

By using a Google Alert on company layoffs you can take immediate action and start conversations with talent that has been let go by their previous employer.

How to set up a Google Alert for candidates that are getting available

Step 1. Set up a simple search string.

Go to google.com/alerts.

Create a simple search string that signals plans of companies to letting people go, something like:

Company layoff

Step 2. Add keywords to your search string that describe the industry you’re recruiting in, for example:

(tech OR internet)

Step 3. Optionally add names of companies that you want to target to your search string, for example: 

(Microsoft OR Google OR Salesforce OR Cisco)

*Adding company names is only recommended when you have a specific niche you’re recruiting in.

Step 4. Your final search string can look something like this:

Company layoff (tech OR internet)

In this case excluding the companies

Step 5. Review the results for the alert.

Include the search string in the search field and hit enter.

Review the results that pop-up and see if they are indeed results that you would like to receive updates on.

Step 6. Go to ‘Show options’ and add options

Add the following options:

  • Sources: in this case ‘News’ is the most relevant one
  • Language: the language your layoff news is most likely communicated in
  • Region: the geography you want to source talent in

Step 7. Save the alert.

Now you will start receiving updates on news about companies letting people go so you can provide those people the new job they are looking for.

Google Alerts will show a preview of the updates you can expect, so check if these updates are in line with your recruitment goals and optimize the search accordingly.

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