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LinkedIn Recruiter 2024: new GPT powered generative AI features

With new feature rich recruitment automation tools in the market, LinkedIn had to follow with generative AI features. This is what it looks like.

July 26, 2021
Yuma Heymans
April 26, 2024

LinkedIn recently announced their new generative AI features for LinkedIn Recruiter. Of course, many of these features are enabled by GPT, the algorithm from OpenAI which is partly owned by Microsoft, which owns LinkedIn...

After a lot of new platforms in the market launched generative AI in their recruitment tools, AI messaging tools and completely automated ways of recruitment, LinkedIn had to follow.

The new LinkedIn features are introduced to support the recruitment process by automating tasks with features powered by GPT.

In this blog we provide an overview of the new features:

AI-assisted candidate discovery

Sourcing, filtering, and selecting suitable candidates is a time-consuming process for recruiters. With AI-assisted candidate discovery, LinkedIn Recruiter aims to streamline this process. Although the features seem very similar to the filters that were already in place in LinkedIn Recruiter, there are some new features that stand out like autogenerated keywords.

What's new in LinkedIn Recruiter:

  • Chat based interface to talk to LinkedIn Recruiter to get to your search results instead of using filters and boolean strings
  • Location suggestions to identify talent in nearby areas

What the new LinkedIn Recruiter does not offer:

  • Search across several platforms to find candidates, like developer platforms, CV databases or other social media platforms

Smarter suggestions

LinkedIn Recruiter now offers smarter suggestions to expand search results. These suggestions cover various criteria such as locations, job titles, skills, and companies.

What's new in LinkedIn Recruiter:

  • Recommendations for additional parameters that recruiters may not have considered
  • Search broadening to potentially uncover hidden talent

What the new LinkedIn Recruiter does not offer:

  • Completely automated search and recruitment is not something LinkedIn offers, other recruitment tools still offer a higher level of automation in the recruitment process

Simplified candidate outreach

Messaging candidates is a crucial aspect of the recruitment process. LinkedIn Recruiter utilizes AI to simplify candidate outreach.

What's new in LinkedIn Recruiter:

  • AI-powered InMails, which are personalized messages generated by AI that recruiters can send to candidates directly through the platform
  • An automated follow-up message can be added

What the new LinkedIn Recruiter does not offer:

  • Full multi-step message sequences are not there in LinkedIn Recruiter, for that you need to use a different talent engagement platform
  • Email outreach is not supported in outreach, only LinkedIn InMails

LinkedIn Recruiter seems to have made an update in terms of generative AI features. To some features it has to be said there's a strange feeling of a close relatedness to the old features LinkedIn Recruiter always had. Putting in the chat that you're looking for someone 'Open to work' is not really a change compared to clicking on an 'Open to work' filter. Also, the follow up message feels a bit basic and there's not a lot of room for customisation. A 'generated' search is still a generated search like it supposed to be... All things considered this might be one step towards some further level of LinkedIn but LinkedIn Recruiter might fall behind to other companies enabling for doing more, in less time with a lot more automation.

Outside of what LinkedIn Recruiter is doing, another perspective on the use of AI in recruitment is completely autonomous AI Recruiters. These are AI Recruitment assistants that can recruit people on complete autopilot.

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