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Complete review of the 8 best Employer of Record (EOR) providers

These are the best EOR providers ranked on best value for money.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
June 2, 2023

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a service that provides employers with access to specialized expertise in payroll, benefits, and compliance. An EOR can help employers reduce costs, streamline the onboarding process, and minimize the administrative burden associated with hiring, managing, and terminating employees.

An EOR can also serve as a single point of contact for employee-related issues, helping employers better understand and manage their obligations under applicable employment laws and regulations.

An EOR is for many companies, from startup to corporate, the gateway to hiring talent globally without owning a local entity and setting up business.

In this blog we provide the 7 best Employer of Record (EOR) providers to hire talent globally.

What is an Employer of Record (EOR)

An employer of record (EOR) is an entity that is legally responsible for the employment of a worker, and is responsible for withholding and remitting payroll taxes, employee benefits, and other related costs on behalf of the worker. It is a type of third-party service that is often used when companies want to employ workers in a different country or state, or when companies want to hire independent contractors without taking on the responsibilities of a traditional employer.

The employer of record is responsible for handling all of the administrative tasks associated with hiring and managing employees. This includes payroll processing, employee benefits, tax withholding, compliance with labor laws, and more. 

The employer of record is also responsible for providing the employee with any necessary benefits, such as health insurance or other benefits as required by law.

The employer of record typically provides the employment contract and pays the employee's wages in accordance with local labor laws.

What are the benefits of an Employer of Record

The employer of record is a valuable service for companies who wish to hire independent contractors or workers in a different country or state. By taking on the responsibilities of an employer, the EOR can help companies avoid the risks and costs associated with traditional employment and setting up offices and activities in a different country, while still ensuring that the employee is paid properly and in accordance with applicable laws.

The EOR makes it possible to hire employees quickly in accordance with local regulations while providing a good employee experience.

What are the best EORs globally

We did an extensive review of the best EOR providers globally. Our market research was focussed on quality, services provided and price.

After review we ranked the EORs based on best value for money.

These are the best EORs:

Ranking Company Price (USD) Commitment Additional costs Owned or third party services Review score (G2)
#1 Multiplier $300 South-east Asia
$500 Rest of the world
Salary less than $1,500/month: $150
Monthly Deposit; one month salary Mostly owned 4.5 (214 reviews)
#2 RemoFirst $399 US
$499 Nigeria
$299 Malaysia
$299 Ukraine
$399 South Africa
$199 Romania
$349 Estonia
$499 Portugal
$199 Kazakstan
$399 Brazil
$299 Egypt
$299 India
$349 Turkey
$349 UAE
$299 Morocco
Monthly 1 month salary deposit
2% conversion fee
Mainly partners 4.3 (39 reviews)
#3 Deel $599 starting price for any location Monthly No known additional costs Mostly owned 4.6 (696)
#4 Skuad $349 Romania, Portugal
$399 Estonia, South Africa
$199 South East Asia
$599 Western European
$399 Hungary
$499 Spain
$199 Nigeria
$249 Kenya
$299 Egypt
$399 Algeria
$399 DRC
$399 South Africa
$249 Ghana
Monthly Deposit; 1 to 3 months salary
Bank Transfer and conversion
Mostly owned 4.8 (6 reviews)
#5 Remote $599 base fee, all countries
$378 with startup discount (yearly plan)
Yearly, monthly for full price No All owned 4.5 (489 reviews)
#6 Horizons $290 for Asia
$390 for Africa + America
$490 for Europe
2 month commitment, then monthly Set up fee (1 month), Deposit (2 monthly salaries!!) Mostly owned 4.8 (19 reviews)
#7 Globalisation Partners $499 India, Asia etc
$699 US and rest of the world
6 month minimum, then monthly All in price Mostly owned 4.7 (107 reviews)
#8 Velocity Global $850 for most locations Monthly 2 month salary deposit
Wire fee 45 er country
Mostly owned 4.6 (78 reviews)

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