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The browser extension that automates recruitment

With the HeroHunt Browser Extension you can automate almost every step in the recruitment process.

July 26, 2021
Yuma Heymans
August 25, 2023

With 900 million professionals, LinkedIn is a great platform to find talent. But one thing is clear, LinkedIn is missing automation.

Sending a message to someone is manual and there are no options to send messages to multiple potential candidates at once.

The time spent by recruiters on these manual activities adds up on a regular working day:

  • Going through profiles one by one
  • Drafting the message
  • Sending follow up messages
  • Setting reminders to send follow ups

Wouldn’t it be great to use the LinkedIn platform but at the same time automate all these manual activities?

We got your back. Today HeroHunt.ai launches the HeroHunt Browser Extension.

Automate recruitment with the HeroHunt Browser Extension

With the HeroHunt Browser Extension users can do the following:

  1. Add individual profiles to Engage (message sequences)
  2. Add multiple profiles at once to Engage (message sequences)
  3. Add an additional analytics layer on top of LinkedIn

1. Add an individual profile to Engage (message sequences)

After installing the HeroHunt Browser Extension you will see the below button added to every LinkedIn profile you visit.

When you hit ‘Add to Engage’ you can select the Engage flow you can to add the potential candidate to.

Based on their LinkedIn profile they will be added to the Engage flow in HeroHunt.ai, their verified email address will be found and they will receive the sequence of auto generated messages automatically.

2. Add multiple profiles at once to Engage (message sequences)

You can also add multiple candidates at the same time to a message sequence from the LinkedIn search page.

You simply do your search in LinkedIn, select the profiles you would like to add to the sequence and add them to the automated Engage flow in HeroHunt.ai.

3. Add an additional analytics layer on top of LinkedIn

LinkedIn without the HeroHunt Browser Extension is exactly just that, LinkedIn. But with the HeroHunt Browser Extension you can see additional information and analytics that help you understand quicker if a profile is interesting for your job or not.

For example, relevant keywords are highlighted for the current position you are trying to fill when they match on the candidates profile. This way you can quickly see where key skills are mentioned on the profile.

Note: more features will be added to the browser extension soon!

How the software behind HeroHunt.ai works

HeroHunt.ai is the software behind the HeroHunt Chrome Extension and includes the functionality to automate tasks in the recruitment process.

Examples of things that HeroHunt.ai does are:

  • Finding verified email addresses automatically
  • Generating personalized messages based on your template
  • Sending outreach messages automatically
  • Sending automated replies when candidates haven’t responded yet

HeroHunt.ai also allows users to search 1 billion profiles online across several platforms.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a paid LinkedIn Account to use the extension?

No. You don’t need a paid LinkedIn premium account, so no need for LinkedIn Recruiter (Lite), LinkedIn Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium, you can use the browser extension on your regular free LinkedIn account.

If you choose to use the browser extension in addition to LinkedIn Recruiter; that’s also perfectly possible. This will add automation functionality to your LinkedIn Recruiter account.

Do I need a HeroHunt.ai account?

If you want to make use of the message sequences (HeroHunt Engage), yes, you do need a HeroHunt account.

You can simply sign up by following the sign up pop up (right after you installed the chrome extension).

Try the HeroHunt Browser Extension now.

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