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Why you don't need a LinkedIn Recruiter seat

The assumption that a recruiter needs a LinkedIn Recruiter seat is incorrect. Here's what your best alternative is.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
May 9, 2024

Almost every recruiter in the industry feels like they need a LinkedIn Recruiter seat to be successful in their recruiting efforts.

The truth is that you do not need a paid subscription for LinkedIn Recruiter.

The assumption is that to access all of LinkedIn’s data, the candidate profiles, you need a paid license to access all of these profiles and filters.

But since LinkedIn profiles are almost entirely public, there are many other ways to get access to the profiles.

Why LinkedIn Recruiter is not your best option

❌ LinkedIn Recruiter is very expensive, around $850 starting price per user per month

❌ LinkedIn Recruiter forces serious limitations with outreach, InMails are limited to 30 - 150 per seat which is generally not even enough to fill one position

❌ LinkedIn Recruiter is the most competitive place to be as a recruiter, all other recruiters are getting the same search results and reaching out to the same candidates

❌ LinkedIn Recruiter is not the only source of profiles, on platforms like GitHub and Stack Overflow you can also find valuable candidates

Your best alternative to LinkedIn Recruiter

The best alternative to paying for a LinkedIn Recruiter seat is using an alternative talent search engine that lets you find all LinkedIn profiles.

A talent search engine (see here):

✅ Finds all LinkedIn profiles 

✅ Lets you find contact details of the candidate so you can send emails instead of having to rely on limited InMails

✅ Usually also provides a more automated and faster way of reaching out to many candidates

✅ Is generally a lot more affordable

How accessing LinkedIn profiles through an alternative solution works

A talent search engine that finds LinkedIn profiles provides you exactly what LinkedIn Recruiter provides: being able to search LinkedIn profiles.

It typically also provides a way of reaching out quickly and in a personalized way to the candidates that you like.

The talent search engine finds contact details automatically and automatically generates a hyper personalized message that you can send in one click.

You can try a talent search engine for free here.

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