Senior Back-end Developer

We’re looking for a back end developer who can take ownership over the entire back end of and who further develops the back end.

About this position is a software product that recruiters use to find 1 billion candidates across several online sources and help recruiters to engage candidates in a meaningful and personalized way. We are an early stage startup with a passion for building an impactful product.

The Job

We’re looking for a back-end developer who can take ownership over the entire back end of and who further develops the back-end.

The product uses a versatile back-end with several frameworks and APIs.

The most important function of the back-end is to handle (profile) data retrieval, data management and syncing across the systems and APIs used.


  • Must haves: MongoDB (preferably MongoDB Atlas), Node.js, typescript, AWS
  • Nice to haves: Firebase/Google Cloud services, JavaScript, Python, GraphQL, Docker, Web scraping, Data and System Architecture
  • English: speaking and writing professional sufficiency
  • Startup or scaleup experience (software product)


  • 4 - 7 years experience in back end development. This may be partly from a serious hobby. If experience is partly from hobby, you must be able to showcase the products you (helped) built.

Our values is a company of free thinkers who love to learn. As a team we prioritize iterative learning and experimentation because we believe in the long term this leads to better product and a better business.

We take ownership over our deliverables by default. This makes us independent and responsible professionals who grow consistently personally and professionally, while having the freedom for our creativity, eagerness to build and overall joy in our work.

We all feel responsible that everyone involved finds joy in their work.

Our team

We are a growing team, currently still small with the two co-founders of the company and some flexible partners and support staff.

The founders you’ll work with on a day-to–day basis:

Lucian Simo (Co-founder, CTO and hiring manager for this position)

Yuma Heymans (Co-founder & CEO)

How we work (remote)

We are a remote-first team. We work both synchronously (overlapping work times) as async (no overlapping work times). Generally speaking, most of the time is synchronous so you can communicate real-time.

We don’t cut on software costs which means you will have all the tools available that you need to do your work (Slack, automation software, other subscriptions).

We work with sprints of two weeks in which we finish our tickets (deliverables). Tickets are set every beginning of the sprint and estimated. We keep each other in check to whether we challenge ourselves hard enough and at the same time be realistic. 

We learn a bit more everyday on how to balance the right level of challenge and what’s realistic. That way we improve quickly as a team and as professionals.

What this job will bring you

  • Feel free and a respected team member
  • Accelerate learning in a fast growing startup
  • Have full ownership over your work
  • Work remote, with occasional local company meetups to grow our personal bonds
  • Learn what software entrepreneurship can look like


  • Competitive salary based on location and experience


  • Employee shares options (details provided in application process)
  • 30 holidays
  • Remote allowance for office equipment
  • Global travel allowance for company meetups, events and trips (travel on company’s budget)
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