Here's why is the best AmazingHiring alternative

A sourcing solution with better quality data, accurate matches, verieife contact details with high response rates and one click outreach.

Reach tech talent faster with a real-time sourcing engine

Stop using database solutions with old profiles, a user experience that slows you down and a time intensive outreach process.

Daily fresh data

Use real-time search instead of relying on outdated databases with very limit global reach.

Outreach automation

Send scheduled personalized messages with automated follow ups and get responses.

Deliverable contacts

Get contact details like email addresses that don't bounce and candidates like to be reached on.

Pricing side-by-side

Monthly starting price for a premium plan with all features per user.


Standard price as communicated on website.



This is an indication based on market data. AmazingHiring does not make pricing public.

“I searched many databases, like AmazingHiring, but none of them gave me the quality matches and quality contact details that I found with“

Tech Recruiter, Reveal

“I'm impressed with the quality of matches, beats LinkedIn hands down“

Daniel Cannon
SaaS Founder

“In LinkedIn I always get matches that are just off, in HeroHunt search results just make a lot more sense“

Rogier Daniels
Tech recruiter at agency

The things that make the difference is a real-time search engine that finds LinkedIn profiles and profiles from other platforms across the internet. The user experience is built for speed. Search is partly automated, keywords for example are automatically found from your job description. Contact details of candidates are found and automatically verified for deliverability. One-click personalized outreach is enabled by automation and personalized templates so recruiters can reach out the second they have screened a profile.


AmazingHiring is a profile database. Profile data is only updated in cycles, every three months or longer, resulting in legacy profiles that contain outdated data on employment and skills. Search is manual and limited to a generic set of keywords resulting in generalized matches. Contact details are found, but as reported by users in customer reviews, emails often can end up in spam folders. Reaching out to candidates requires quite some 'clicks'.

The benefits

What you achieve with

Find 2x more contact details

That candidates expect to be reached on

Get rich candidate information

So you can make instant decisions

Send more, faster

With outreach automation

Find 2x more profiles

Than sourcing on LinkedIn only

The product

What you get

Access to 1 billion candidates across a variety of platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow
Verified contact details finder to find the primary email addresses of candidates
Auto generated personalized outreach messages with personalisations and one click send button
Automated message sequences and scheduling to reach candidates on autopilot
Sending analytics to track send, open and reply rates and get insights into performance

Candidates hired on autopilot

Get qualified and interested candidates in your mailbox with zero effort.

1 billion reach
Automated recruitment
Save 95% time