Here's why is the best LinkedIn Recruiter alternative is a recruiting solution that finds all LinkedIn profiles and automates outreach to potential candidates.

Recruit better talent on autopilot

Stop using a single platform that is not designed to reach talent at scale.

Get more profiles, across platforms

Find LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow profiles, all in one solution

Send messages automatically

Enjoy more accurate matching with specialized algorithms

Email enrichment

Find contact details like email addresses that you don't find on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Recruiter


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“I have been using LinkedIn Recruiter for ages and thought it was my only option, I was happily surprised when I found which finds the same profiles as LinkedIn and adds more profiles, better matches and emails“

Tech Recruiter, Ways

“I'm impressed with the quality of matches, beats LinkedIn hands down“

Daniel Cannon
SaaS Founder

“In LinkedIn I always get matches that are just off, in HeroHunt search results just make a lot more sense“

Rogier Daniels
Tech recruiter at agency

The things that make the difference is a real-time search engine which finds profiles and its data as they exist today. The user experience is different from that of LinkedIn Recruiter and other alternatives. Search is completely automated, keywords for example are automatically found from your job description. Contact details of candidates are found and verified. Outreach automation makes it easy to reach many qualified candidates in a personalized way on autopilot.

LinkedIn Recruiter

The LinkedIn Recruiter product gives access to LinkedIn profiles, but what many people don't know is that these profiles are also accessible by other solutions. Search in LinkedIn Recruiter requires you to understand Boolean strings and how they technically work. Contact options are limited to 30 or 150 InMails per month. Outreach to candidates requires messages to be customized manually for every individual candidate. Outreach is done on a one on one basis.

The benefits

What you achieve with

Find 5x more contact details

That candidates expect to be reached on

Send more, faster

Reach hundreds of candidates daily with hyper-personalized messages.

Get more responses

Higher response rates with automated personalizations and mailbox verification.

Find 3x more candidates

Than sourcing with LinkedIn only

The product

What you get

Access to 1 billion candidates across a variety of platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow
Verified contact details finder to find the primary email addresses of candidates
Auto generated personalized outreach messages with personalisations and one click send button
Automated message sequences and scheduling to reach candidates on autopilot
Sending analytics to track send, open and reply rates and get insights into performance


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