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How to find software developers in Aleppo

February 22, 2023

Aleppo is a city located in northwestern Syria with a recorded population of nearly 2 million people. It has a long history, being mentioned in the Old Testament, and has seen numerous empires come to power in the region. Aleppo is known for its distinctive architecture, cuisine, and marketplaces, and has been considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It has suffered greatly in the Syrian Civil War, with much of the city destroyed during the fighting. Aleppo is also a great place to find software developers. But software engineers in Aleppo are also hard to find and hard to hire. Experienced developers get a lot of messages from recruiters, in some cases five or ten messages per day. To find engineers in Aleppo you have to search for engineers in different sources, reach out based on their preferred contact details, personalize your outreach and make an attractive offer. In this guide you'll learn more about the tech ecosystem in Aleppo, which methods to use to find developers and how to hire them.

Why Aleppo is a good place to find developers

Developer statistics in Aleppo

Aleppo is a city in Syria that has a growing tech talent pool. It has a large concentration of highly skilled software developers, designers, engineers, and other IT professionals. According to a recent survey, there are over 1000 tech professionals in the city, with a majority of them aged between 25 and 34. The most popular programming languages are Java, Python, and JavaScript, and the most in-demand tech skills are software development, web development, and mobile app development. The tech industry in Aleppo is rapidly expanding, and the city is becoming a hub for innovative startups and tech businesses.

The tech ecosystem in Aleppo

The tech ecosystem in Aleppo is in its early stages of development. There are several tech startups and incubators that have recently emerged, including the Aleppo Innovation Center, which is a hub for the city’s tech entrepreneurs. This center provides resources, mentorship, and training for those interested in entering the tech industry. Additionally, there are a few universities in the area that are offering courses related to technology, such as computer science, software engineering, and information technology. The city has also seen a growth of co-working spaces, which are helping to foster a supportive community for tech startups. Furthermore, the city has also seen the emergence of tech-focused events like hackathons, meetups, and conferences, which are helping to bring the local tech community together and create innovative solutions to local problems.

Best tech meetups in Aleppo

Attending local meetups is a great way of getting introduced  to technical talent and getting a better feel for what software developers care about.
These are the best local meetups:

1. Aleppo Open Source Meetup
2. Aleppo AI Meetup
3. Aleppo Data Science Meetup
4. Aleppo Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup
5. Aleppo Mobile Development Meetup
6. Aleppo Cloud Computing Meetup
7. Aleppo DevOps Meetup
8. Aleppo Cyber Security Meetup
9. Aleppo Web Development Meetup
10. Aleppo Software Development Meetup

Best methods to source and recruit talent in Aleppo

There are many different ways to find and hire developers, some examples are:

1. Leverage Online Freelance Platforms: There are many online freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Toptal that can be used to source software development talent in Aleppo. These platforms allow companies to search for, contact, and hire the most skilled software developers from Aleppo and other cities around the world.

2. Implement Referral Programs: Referral programs provide an excellent way to source software development talent in Aleppo. Companies can encourage their existing employees to refer software developers from Aleppo that they know or have heard of. This helps to increase the reach and expand the talent pool.

3. Network at Local Events: Local events like Meetup groups, hackathons, and workshops are great places to network and source software development talent in Aleppo. Companies can attend these events to meet and connect with software developers in the city and discuss potential opportunities.

4. Utilize Job Boards: Job boards are another effective way to source software development talent in Aleppo. Companies can post job openings on popular job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster, and they can also search for existing job postings to identify potential candidates.

These are currently the best methods to find and hire developers:

Search LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow and reach out

The best way to find developer talent in Aleppo is to find them in the places where they have an online profile and are active. Examples of those platforms are GitHub and Stack Overflow. LinkedIn can also be a valuable source.

Talent search engines can help you find developers online through a variety of sources. Most talent search engines also provide verified contact details so you can reach out to the talent you have found. In some cases these engines even automate a big part of the outreach process so you can reach hundreds of candidates per day.

An example of a talent search and engagement engine is which can find 1 billion candidates worldwide and lets you reach out automatically with personalized messages.

Best job boards to find developers in Aleppo

An alternative way to attract development talent is to post a job on a (local) job board.

These are the best local job boards to post your developer job on:

1. LinkedIn
2. Facebook
3. Indeed
4. Glassdoor
5. Naukri
6. Jobstreet
7. Monster
8. Craigslist
9. Kijiji
10. Shine

Best remote job boards to find developers in Aleppo

If you are sourcing for remote talent then you can utilize remote specific job boards where you can post your remote job.

These are the best remote job boards to post your developer job on:

1. Upwork
2. Fiverr
3. Guru
4. PeoplePerHour
5. Freelancer
6. Toptal
7. LinkedIn
8. AngelList
9. Indeed
10. Glassdoor

How to hire software developers from any place without a local office

When you’re hiring software developers you need to be aware of the local average salaries in order to provide a competitive job offer. Below are the average salaries for software developers per experience level.

Average local salaries

Average salary for a junior software developer in Aleppo

The average salary for a junior developer in Aleppo, Syria is approximately $2,000 per month. This amount can vary depending on the type of job and the experience of the individual. Generally, junior developers in Aleppo are expected to have experience in web development, mobile development, software development, and database engineering. Additionally, junior developers are expected to have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages. They are also expected to be familiar with software development tools such as Git, version control, and web development frameworks.

Average salary for a senior software developer in Aleppo

The average salary for a senior developer in Aleppo, Syria is approximately $1,200 USD per month. This salary varies depending on the experience and qualifications of the developer. Senior developers in Aleppo are typically responsible for developing, testing, and maintaining software applications. They may also be involved in some aspects of project management, including budgeting and scheduling. Senior developers are expected to have a strong understanding of coding languages, databases, and web development technologies. They must also be able to work independently and collaboratively, as well as troubleshoot technical issues.

Employing software developers (remotely)

Maybe your company doesn't have an office (yet) in Aleppo. But that doesn't mean you can't hire employees in Aleppo. There are several options like EORs which can help employ developers legally according to the regulations in Aleppo.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a service provider that facilitates the hiring of employees in countries where the employer does not have a legal presence. This is particularly useful for companies that are expanding overseas, as it allows them to hire employees without having to set up a legal entity in the country.

In Aleppo, Syria, an EOR can be used to hire employees in a fast and cost-effective manner. The EOR will be responsible for all the legal and administrative tasks associated with the hiring process, including:

• Completing all required paperwork and filing documents with the government

• Registering the company with the local tax authorities

• Registering the company with the local labor authorities

• Ensuring compliance with applicable labor laws

• Negotiating contracts with employees

• Paying salaries and providing benefits to employees

• Managing payroll and other financial activities

• Providing general assistance to the employer and employees

Using an EOR in Aleppo can help to simplify the hiring process and ensure that the company is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. It can also help to reduce costs, as the EOR will be responsible for all the administrative tasks associated with the hiring process.

Use a platform to find and hire the best developers:
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