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How to find software developers in Algeria

February 22, 2023

Algeria is a country located in the northern part of Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea to the north and east. It is the largest country in Africa and is home to a population of over 42 million people, most of whom are of Arab-Berber descent. The economy of Algeria is mainly based on the country's vast natural resources, including oil and gas, minerals, and agricultural products. Algeria is a major producer of hydrocarbons and is also home to a growing tourism industry. The country is a member of the United Nations and the African Union.

Why Algeria is a good place to find developers

Developer statistics in Algeria

It is difficult to provide exact statistics on tech talent in Algeria as data on the subject is limited. However, there are a few indicators that can provide insight into the tech talent landscape in the country. According to a report from the World Bank, the number of STEM graduates in Algeria increased from 42,000 in 2008 to 52,000 in 2018. This is an approximate 24% increase in the last 10 years. Additionally, the report indicates that the number of women entering STEM fields has also increased over the same time period, from 12,000 in 2008 to 20,000 in 2018. In terms of tech talent, Algeria is home to a growing startup ecosystem. According to a report by the Algerian Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, there were 486 startups in the country in 2018. This figure is expected to rise in the coming years. Additionally, the Algerian government has launched initiatives to support tech entrepreneurs and startups. These initiatives include the launch of the National Agency for Technological Promotion, the establishment of the Digital Economy Fund and the Digital Development Fund. Overall, it is clear that Algeria is making efforts to foster a growing tech talent ecosystem and that the number of STEM graduates and tech startups in the country is on the rise.

The tech ecosystem in Algeria

The tech ecosystem in Algeria is still in its early stages of development. The government has been encouraging entrepreneurship and digital innovation in recent years, with the launch of the “Algeria Digital 2020” strategy in 2018. This strategy has put into place a number of initiatives and resources to support startups and tech companies.The country has also seen a surge in venture capital, with several funds and accelerators being established recently. There are several incubators and co-working spaces in Algiers and other cities, providing a supportive environment for tech entrepreneurs.Algeria is home to a growing number of tech startups, many of which are focused on areas such as e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, and education. The government has also been encouraging foreign investment in the tech sector, with incentives such as tax breaks, subsidies, and technology transfer programs.Overall, the tech ecosystem in Algeria is evolving quickly, with many opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and tech companies.

Best tech meetups in Algeria

Attending local meetups is a great way of getting introduced  to technical talent and getting a better feel for what software developers care about.
These are the best local meetups:

1. Algerian Tech Meetup
2. Algiers Software Developers Meetup
3. Algerian DevOps Meetup
4. Algerian Entrepreneurs Meetup
5. Algiers Mobile App Developers Meetup
6. Agile Algeria Meetup
7. Algiers UX/UI Meetup
8. Algiers Cloud Computing Meetup
9. Algiers Blockchain Meetup
10. Algerian Internet of Things (IoT) Meetup

Best methods to source and recruit talent in Algeria

There are many different ways to find and hire developers, some examples are:

1. Utilize professional networks: Reach out to local professional networks, such as LinkedIn, to locate software development talent in Algeria.

2. Attend local events: Attend events such as hackathons, seminars and conferences related to software development to meet potential candidates.

3. Connect with universities: Contact universities and technical schools to create partnerships for sourcing software development talent.

4. Post job openings online: Take advantage of job boards and online recruiting platforms to advertise job openings and attract software developers from Algeria.

5. Use recruitment agencies: Hire an Algerian-based recruitment agency to help you source software development talent in the country.

These are currently the best methods to find and hire developers:

Search LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow and reach out

The best way to find developer talent in Algeria is to find them in the places where they have an online profile and are active. Examples of those platforms are GitHub and Stack Overflow. LinkedIn can also be a valuable source.

Talent search engines can help you find developers online through a variety of sources. Most talent search engines also provide verified contact details so you can reach out to the talent you have found. In some cases these engines even automate a big part of the outreach process so you can reach hundreds of candidates per day.

An example of a talent search and engagement engine is which can find 1 billion candidates worldwide and lets you reach out automatically with personalized messages.

Best job boards to find developers in Algeria

An alternative way to attract development talent is to post a job on a (local) job board.

These are the best local job boards to post your developer job on:

1. LinkedIn
2. Glassdoor
3. Algerian Job Boards
4. Facebook Groups
5. Online Professional Networks
6. Twitter
7. Algerian-focused Recruitment Agencies
8. Algerian Professional Associations
9. Algerian University Career Centers
10. Algerian-focused Recruiting Companies

Best remote job boards to find developers in Algeria

If you are sourcing for remote talent then you can utilize remote specific job boards where you can post your remote job.

These are the best remote job boards to post your developer job on:

1. Talabaty
2. LinkedIn
3. Algerian Job Network
4. Freelancer
5. Upwork
6. Fiverr
7. AngelList
8. Remotive
9. Indeed
10. Stack Overflow Talent

How to hire software developers from any place without a local office

When you’re hiring software developers you need to be aware of the local average salaries in order to provide a competitive job offer. Below are the average salaries for software developers per experience level.

Average local salaries

Average salary for a junior software developer in Algeria

For a junior developer in Algeria, the average salary is around 18,000 Algerian Dinars (DZD) per month, which is equivalent to around 110 USD. This salary will vary depending on a number of factors such as location, experience, and the developer's skillset. Generally, junior developers in Algeria are expected to have a university degree and some experience in software development. The average salary for a junior developer in Algeria is significantly lower than the salary for a senior developer, which is typically around 33,000 DZD per month (approximately 200 USD).

Average salary for a senior software developer in Algeria

The average salary for a senior developer in Algeria is around 38,000 Algerian Dinars (DZD) per month, which is equivalent to approximately $317 USD. This salary range is typically for experienced developers with at least 8 years of experience in web development, software engineering, or related fields. The salary range typically includes a base salary, bonus, and other incentives. In addition, senior developers in Algeria can also expect to receive benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation, and retirement plans.

Employing software developers (remotely)

Maybe your company doesn't have an office (yet) in Algeria. But that doesn't mean you can't hire employees in Algeria. There are several options like EORs which can help employ developers legally according to the regulations in Algeria.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party service provider that acts as the employer for a company’s employees in Algeria. This allows companies to hire employees in Algeria without having to go through the lengthy and complex process of setting up a legal entity in the country.

1. Determine Your Needs: Before engaging an EOR in Algeria, it is important to identify and clarify the exact requirements of your business. Consider the type and number of employees you need, the job roles they will perform, and the length of the engagement.

2. Research and Select an Employer of Record: Once you have identified your needs, you can begin researching EORs in Algeria. Consider factors such as their experience, services provided, cost, and customer service.

3. Contact the EOR: Once you’ve identified an EOR in Algeria that meets your needs, it’s time to contact them. Ask questions to ensure they understand your requirements and can deliver the services you need.

4. Sign the Contract: Once you have agreed on the terms and conditions of the engagement, you can sign the contract with the EOR. The contract should clearly outline the services to be provided and the responsibilities of both parties.

5. Onboard the Employees: With the contract in place, the EOR can begin onboarding the employees. This includes arranging all legal paperwork and managing payroll, taxes, and other employee benefits.

6. Manage the Relationship: Once the employees are onboarded, you should manage the relationship with the EOR. This includes regular communication, responding to queries, and ensuring the EOR is providing the services agreed to in the contract.

By engaging an EOR in Algeria, companies can save time, money, and effort in the process of hiring employees in the country. However, it is important to select the right EOR and manage the relationship effectively in order to ensure a successful outcome.

Use a platform to find and hire the best developers:
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