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How to find software developers in Amman

February 22, 2023

Amman is the capital and largest city of Jordan. It is situated in the north-central part of the country on a hilly area between the desert and the fertile Jordan Valley. It is the commercial, cultural, and political center of the country, and is home to numerous historic sites and landmarks. Amman is the most populous city in Jordan, and is a major tourist destination for travelers from around the world. It is also an important hub for international business, finance, and trade. Amman is also a great place to find software developers. But software engineers in Amman are also hard to find and hard to hire. Experienced developers get a lot of messages from recruiters, in some cases five or ten messages per day. To find engineers in Amman you have to search for engineers in different sources, reach out based on their preferred contact details, personalize your outreach and make an attractive offer. In this guide you'll learn more about the tech ecosystem in Amman, which methods to use to find developers and how to hire them.

Why Amman is a good place to find developers

Developer statistics in Amman

The statistics on tech talent in Amman show a rapidly growing demand for tech professionals in the city. The number of tech startups in Amman has risen in recent years, creating a need for tech professionals with diverse skillsets. Additionally, the city is home to a growing number of tech-focused universities, which are contributing to the talent pool. The presence of multinational companies has also helped to create job opportunities for tech professionals. Overall, the demand for tech talent in Amman is strong and growing.

The tech ecosystem in Amman

Amman's tech ecosystem is rapidly growing and becoming increasingly vibrant. The city is home to a growing number of tech startups, incubators and accelerators, coworking spaces, and venture capital firms. The tech industry is supported by a large and growing talent pool of entrepreneurs, developers, and investors. Several initiatives have been launched to foster the growth of the tech sector in Amman, including Amman Tech Week, which is a yearly event that brings together local and international tech investors, startups, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, there are several government initiatives that aim to create a more conducive environment for the tech sector, such as the Technology Fund and the Jordan Investment Commission.

Best tech meetups in Amman

Attending local meetups is a great way of getting introduced  to technical talent and getting a better feel for what software developers care about.
These are the best local meetups:

1. Amman Tech Tuesday Meetup
2. ReactJS Jordan Meetup
3. Amman Python User Group Meetup
4. Web Developers Amman Meetup
5. AmmanJS - JavaScript Meetup
6. Amman Mobile Meetup
7. Amman Artificial Intelligence Meetup
8. Amman Software Craftsmanship Meetup
9. Amman Designers Meetup
10. Amman DevOps Meetup

Best methods to source and recruit talent in Amman

There are many different ways to find and hire developers, some examples are:

1. Use Professional Recruitment Agencies: Professional recruitment agencies specialize in connecting businesses with highly skilled software developers. They have access to a large pool of software developers and can help you find the best talent quickly and efficiently.

2. Leverage Online Job Platforms: Online job platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor are great places to source software development talent in Amman. You can use these platforms to create job postings and search for qualified candidates.

3. Reach Out to Local Universities: Many universities in Amman have strong computer science and engineering programs. You can reach out to these universities and inquire about their students and graduates who are looking for software development jobs.

4. Utilize Social Media: Social media is a great way to reach out to potential software developers. You can use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to advertise your job postings and engage with potential candidates.

5. Attend Professional Events: Professional events such as tech conferences and hackathons are a great way to meet potential software developers in Amman. You can network with attendees and discuss potential job opportunities.

These are currently the best methods to find and hire developers:

Search LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow and reach out

The best way to find developer talent in Amman is to find them in the places where they have an online profile and are active. Examples of those platforms are GitHub and Stack Overflow. LinkedIn can also be a valuable source.

Talent search engines can help you find developers online through a variety of sources. Most talent search engines also provide verified contact details so you can reach out to the talent you have found. In some cases these engines even automate a big part of the outreach process so you can reach hundreds of candidates per day.

An example of a talent search and engagement engine is which can find 1 billion candidates worldwide and lets you reach out automatically with personalized messages.

Best job boards to find developers in Amman

An alternative way to attract development talent is to post a job on a (local) job board.

These are the best local job boards to post your developer job on:

1. LinkedIn
2. Naukri
3. Indeed
4. Glassdoor
5. Facebook
6. Professional Social Networking Sites
7. Job Boards
8. Career Fairs
9. Recruitment Agencies
10. Employee Referrals

Best remote job boards to find developers in Amman

If you are sourcing for remote talent then you can utilize remote specific job boards where you can post your remote job.

These are the best remote job boards to post your developer job on:

1. LinkedIn
2. Upwork
3. RemoteOK
4. FlexJobs
5. We Work Remotely
6. Virtual Vocations
7. Guru
8. PeoplePerHour
9. Toptal
10. Fiverr

How to hire software developers from any place without a local office

When you’re hiring software developers you need to be aware of the local average salaries in order to provide a competitive job offer. Below are the average salaries for software developers per experience level.

Average local salaries

Average salary for a junior software developer in Amman

A junior developer in Amman typically earns an average salary of 2,800 Jordanian Dinar (JOD) per month. This salary can vary depending on the experience and qualifications of the individual. On average, a junior developer in Amman earns between 1,200-3,500 JOD per month. The salary may also depend on the company, sector, and size of the team the developer is joining. In addition to a basic salary, a junior developer may also receive other types of incentive or bonus payments.

Average salary for a senior software developer in Amman

The average salary for a senior developer in Amman, Jordan is around 8,000 JOD (Jordanian Dinar). This equates to approximately 11,200 USD per year. The salary range for senior developers in Amman can range from 6,000 JOD to 10,000 JOD, depending on experience, qualifications, and the company. Senior developers in Amman typically have more than five years of experience, are highly skilled in designing and developing software applications, and have a good knowledge of a range of programming languages.

Employing software developers (remotely)

Maybe your company doesn't have an office (yet) in Amman. But that doesn't mean you can't hire employees in Amman. There are several options like EORs which can help employ developers legally according to the regulations in Amman.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a service provider that can help employers in Amman hire and manage employees without having to set up a local legal entity. This can be beneficial for employers who do not have the resources or experience to hire, manage and pay employees in a foreign country.

1. Choose an EOR: When selecting an EOR in Amman, employers should consider the EOR’s experience and reputation. It is important to select an EOR that is knowledgeable and experienced in local labor laws and regulations.

2. Prepare Documentation: Employers will need to provide the EOR with all the necessary documentation to hire and manage employees in Amman. This includes a job description, contract, employment agreement, and any other relevant information.

3. Hire Employees: The EOR will help employers in Amman hire employees, which can include conducting background checks, negotiating salaries and benefits, and drafting employment contracts.

4. Manage Employees: The EOR will also help employers manage their employees by providing payroll, benefits, and other services.

5. Pay Employees: The EOR will handle payroll for employees in Amman and ensure that all required taxes and deductions are made.

Using an Employer of Record in Amman can be a great way for employers to hire and manage employees without having to set up a local legal entity. By working with an experienced EOR, employers can ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations and have peace of mind that their employees are being taken care of.

Use a platform to find and hire the best developers:
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