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How to find software developers in Antofagasta

February 22, 2023

Antofagasta is a port city and commune in northern Chile. It is the capital of the Antofagasta Region and an important industrial center in the mining industry. It is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and is home to the University of Antofagasta. The city is served by an International Airport and offers a wide range of activities, from outdoor adventures to cultural events. Antofagasta is also a great place to find software developers. But software engineers in Antofagasta are also hard to find and hard to hire. Experienced developers get a lot of messages from recruiters, in some cases five or ten messages per day. To find engineers in Antofagasta you have to search for engineers in different sources, reach out based on their preferred contact details, personalize your outreach and make an attractive offer. In this guide you'll learn more about the tech ecosystem in Antofagasta, which methods to use to find developers and how to hire them.

Why Antofagasta is a good place to find developers

Developer statistics in Antofagasta

The statistics on tech talent in Antofagasta, Chile, show that the region has a rapidly growing and diverse tech talent pool. The region is home to a growing number of software developers, engineers, data scientists, designers, and other tech professionals. The majority of the tech talent is in the 25-34 age range, which reflects the region's focus on providing tech skills to younger generations. In terms of gender, the region is mostly male-dominated, although the number of female tech professionals is increasing. The region is also home to a significant number of foreign tech professionals, primarily from countries like Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. Finally, the region has seen a significant increase in the number of tech startups in recent years.

The tech ecosystem in Antofagasta

The tech ecosystem in Antofagasta is a vibrant and diverse one that is rapidly expanding. It is home to a wide range of startups, incubators, accelerators, venture capital firms, and technology companies that are working together to create a strong foundation for innovation and entrepreneurship. The city is also home to several universities and research centers that are fostering the development of new technologies and ideas. Furthermore, the city has been a hub for technology events, conferences, and hackathons, which have helped to foster an environment of collaboration and creativity. Finally, the city is home to a number of venture capital firms and angel investors that are providing funding to startups in the region. All of these components of the tech ecosystem are helping to make Antofagasta an attractive destination for tech entrepreneurs and investors.

Best tech meetups in Antofagasta

Attending local meetups is a great way of getting introduced  to technical talent and getting a better feel for what software developers care about.
These are the best local meetups:

1. Antofagasta Tech Meetup
2. Antofagasta Blockchain Meetup
3. Antofagasta Cloud Computing Meetup
4. Antofagasta DevOps Meetup
5. Antofagasta Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Meetup
6. Antofagasta Internet of Things Meetup
7. Antofagasta Robotics and Automation Meetup
8. Antofagasta Big Data Meetup
9. Antofagasta Software Engineering Meetup
10. Antofagasta Augmented and Virtual Reality Meetup

Best methods to source and recruit talent in Antofagasta

There are many different ways to find and hire developers, some examples are:

1. Utilize online job boards and recruitment agencies: There are many online job boards and recruitment agencies that specialize in helping companies source software development talent in Antofagasta.

2. Leverage online professional networks: Professional networks such as LinkedIn are a great resource for sourcing software development talent in the Antofagasta area.

3. Network with local universities and colleges: Universities and colleges in the Antofagasta area are a great place to find talented software developers, and many offer courses related to software development.

4. Participate in local events: There are many events and conferences in the Antofagasta area that are specifically geared towards software development professionals. Participating in these events can be a great way to network and find potential candidates.

5. Utilize social media: Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are great ways to advertise job openings and reach out to potential candidates.

These are currently the best methods to find and hire developers:

Search LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow and reach out

The best way to find developer talent in Antofagasta is to find them in the places where they have an online profile and are active. Examples of those platforms are GitHub and Stack Overflow. LinkedIn can also be a valuable source.

Talent search engines can help you find developers online through a variety of sources. Most talent search engines also provide verified contact details so you can reach out to the talent you have found. In some cases these engines even automate a big part of the outreach process so you can reach hundreds of candidates per day.

An example of a talent search and engagement engine is which can find 1 billion candidates worldwide and lets you reach out automatically with personalized messages.

Best job boards to find developers in Antofagasta

An alternative way to attract development talent is to post a job on a (local) job board.

These are the best local job boards to post your developer job on:

1. LinkedIn
2. Indeed
3. Glassdoor
4. Monster
5. CareerBuilder
6. Facebook
7. Twitter
8. Craigslist
9. Google for Jobs
10. Academic Positions

Best remote job boards to find developers in Antofagasta

If you are sourcing for remote talent then you can utilize remote specific job boards where you can post your remote job.

These are the best remote job boards to post your developer job on:

1. Upwork
2. Workana
3. Freelancer
4. Fiverr
5. PeoplePerHour
6. Remotees
7. We Work Remotely
8. Craigslist
9. Antofagasta Job Portal
10. LinkedIn

How to hire software developers from any place without a local office

When you’re hiring software developers you need to be aware of the local average salaries in order to provide a competitive job offer. Below are the average salaries for software developers per experience level.

Average local salaries

Average salary for a junior software developer in Antofagasta

The average salary for a junior developer in Antofagasta, Chile is $535,000 Chilean Pesos (CLP), which is equivalent to about $737 USD. This salary can vary depending on the size of the company, the developer's experience, and the job market in the area. A junior developer is usually someone with 1-3 years of experience in the field and the salary range for a junior developer in Antofagasta is usually between $400,000 - $700,000 CLP.

Average salary for a senior software developer in Antofagasta

The average salary for a senior developer in Antofagasta, Chile is approximately 5,000,000 Chilean Pesos per year, or roughly $7,200 USD. This salary is slightly higher than the average salary for software developers in the region, which is around 4,200,000 Chilean Pesos per year, or roughly $5,900 USD. Senior developers in Antofagasta typically have a minimum of five years of experience in software development, and often have a deep understanding of both front-end and back-end development techniques. They are also expected to have a deep understanding of the latest web technologies, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a variety of frameworks like AngularJS and React. Senior developers are expected to lead projects and mentor junior developers, and to provide technical leadership in a team environment.

Employing software developers (remotely)

Maybe your company doesn't have an office (yet) in Antofagasta. But that doesn't mean you can't hire employees in Antofagasta. There are several options like EORs which can help employ developers legally according to the regulations in Antofagasta.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party company that acts as the formal employer of an individual or team of employees, providing them with a range of services including payroll, taxes, benefits, and HR compliance. An EOR is especially useful for companies operating in multiple jurisdictions, or those that need to quickly hire talent from abroad.

If you are looking to use an EOR in Antofagasta, there are several steps that you should take to ensure that the process is successful.

1. Research local regulations: As with any hiring process, it is important to do your research and understand the local laws and regulations that may impact your EOR hire. This includes researching the local labor laws, tax regulations, and any other requirements for hiring employees in the region.

2. Choose an EOR: When selecting an EOR, it is important to research their reputation, services provided, and cost structure. You should also make sure they are experienced in the region and can provide the services that you require.

3. Draft a contract: Once you have selected an EOR, you will need to draft a contract that outlines the terms of your agreement. This should include details such as the services provided, payment terms, and any other conditions that you may need to include.

4. Onboard the employees: Once the contract is in place, your EOR can begin the process of onboarding the employees. This includes providing them with the necessary paperwork, registering them with the local authorities, and ensuring that they are compliant with local labor laws.

By following these steps, you can ensure that the process of using an EOR in Antofagasta is successful and that you are compliant with local regulations.

Use a platform to find and hire the best developers:
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