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How to find software developers in Ardabīl

February 22, 2023

Ardabīl is an ancient city in northwestern Iran, located in the East Azarbaijan province. It is one of the oldest cities in the world and is known for its ancient mosques and shrines. The city is also home to the Shrine of Sheikh Safi-ad-din Ardabili, which is considered one of the most important pilgrimage sites for Shi'a Muslims. Ardabīl is also known for its mineral hot springs and its carpet-weaving industry. Ardabīl is also a great place to find software developers. But software engineers in Ardabīl are also hard to find and hard to hire. Experienced developers get a lot of messages from recruiters, in some cases five or ten messages per day. To find engineers in Ardabīl you have to search for engineers in different sources, reach out based on their preferred contact details, personalize your outreach and make an attractive offer. In this guide you'll learn more about the tech ecosystem in Ardabīl, which methods to use to find developers and how to hire them.

Why Ardabīl is a good place to find developers

Developer statistics in Ardabīl

Ardabīl is a city in Iran that is home to a growing tech talent community. According to data from the Iranian Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, there were more than 3,000 tech-related businesses in Ardabīl in 2020, with a total of over 4,000 tech workers. In 2021, the number of tech companies in Ardabīl is expected to increase to over 4,000, with an expected total of 6,000 tech workers. The city is also home to several universities and research centers, which are also contributing to the growth of tech talent in Ardabīl. Additionally, the city has a strong internet infrastructure and a number of government initiatives to attract tech companies and talent to the city. The overall number of tech workers in Ardabīl is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

The tech ecosystem in Ardabīl

The tech ecosystem in Ardabīl is still in its early stages of development. It is mainly composed of tech startups, small tech businesses, and a few larger tech companies. There are currently no venture capital firms or major tech investors in the region. The tech scene is supported by local universities and research institutions, which provide an environment for entrepreneurs and innovators to develop their ideas. Additionally, the Ardabīl Chamber of Commerce and Industry provides support to tech firms by providing access to resources, networks, and services. The government is also actively encouraging the growth of the tech ecosystem in the region by providing tax incentives and grants to tech startups.

Best tech meetups in Ardabīl

Attending local meetups is a great way of getting introduced  to technical talent and getting a better feel for what software developers care about.
These are the best local meetups:

1. Ardabīl Tech Meetup
2. Ardabīl Java User Group
3. Ardabīl .NET User Group
4. Ardabīl Web Technology Meetup
5. Ardabīl Blockchain Meetup
6. Ardabīl Cloud Computing Meetup
7. Ardabīl Machine Learning Meetup
8. Ardabīl Mobile Technology Meetup
9. Ardabīl DevOps Meetup
10. Ardabīl Data Science Meetup

Best methods to source and recruit talent in Ardabīl

There are many different ways to find and hire developers, some examples are:

1. Networking: Reach out to local tech groups, industry related events, and user groups to connect with software developers in the area.

2. Job Boards: Post job openings on specialized websites such as Stack Overflow, Github, and Upwork to attract software developers.

3. Recruiting Agencies: Utilize the services of local recruiting agencies who have access to a larger pool of talent and specialize in finding software developers.

4. Social Media: Reach out to software developers in the area through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

5. Referrals: Leverage your existing network to ask for referrals and recommendations.

6. Freelance Platforms: Use freelance platforms such as Toptal and Fiverr to find highly skilled software developers who are available on a short-term basis.

These are currently the best methods to find and hire developers:

Search LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow and reach out

The best way to find developer talent in Ardabīl is to find them in the places where they have an online profile and are active. Examples of those platforms are GitHub and Stack Overflow. LinkedIn can also be a valuable source.

Talent search engines can help you find developers online through a variety of sources. Most talent search engines also provide verified contact details so you can reach out to the talent you have found. In some cases these engines even automate a big part of the outreach process so you can reach hundreds of candidates per day.

An example of a talent search and engagement engine is which can find 1 billion candidates worldwide and lets you reach out automatically with personalized messages.

Best job boards to find developers in Ardabīl

An alternative way to attract development talent is to post a job on a (local) job board.

These are the best local job boards to post your developer job on:

1. LinkedIn
3. Monster
4. Indeed
6. Glassdoor
7. TimesJobs
9. CareerBuilder

Best remote job boards to find developers in Ardabīl

If you are sourcing for remote talent then you can utilize remote specific job boards where you can post your remote job.

These are the best remote job boards to post your developer job on:

1. Upwork
2. Fiverr
3. Freelancer
4. Toptal
5. Guru
6. PeoplePerHour
7. LinkedIn
8. Indeed
9. FlexJobs

How to hire software developers from any place without a local office

When you’re hiring software developers you need to be aware of the local average salaries in order to provide a competitive job offer. Below are the average salaries for software developers per experience level.

Average local salaries

Average salary for a junior software developer in Ardabīl

The average salary for a junior developer in Ardabīl, Iran, is approximately $500 per month. This salary can vary depending on factors such as experience, the type of job, and the size of the company. Junior developers typically work as part of a team and are responsible for developing and maintaining software applications. They typically have a degree in computer science or related field, and may also have experience in programming, web development, databases, or other related fields. The salary range for junior developers in Ardabīl usually begins at around $400 and can reach up to $1000 or more.

Average salary for a senior software developer in Ardabīl

The average salary for a senior developer in Ardabīl, Iran is approximately 11,000,000 IRR per month (approximately $250 USD). This salary is generally offered to professionals with a strong technical background and experience in software development, web development, and other related fields. Senior developers in Ardabīl are often expected to possess a minimum of 5 years of experience in their respective field, as well as a proven track record of successful projects. On average, senior developers in Ardabīl earn higher salaries than junior developers, as they have a greater level of skill and expertise.

Employing software developers (remotely)

Maybe your company doesn't have an office (yet) in Ardabīl. But that doesn't mean you can't hire employees in Ardabīl. There are several options like EORs which can help employ developers legally according to the regulations in Ardabīl.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a third-party company that is responsible for managing the administrative details of a company's employees in a foreign country. This includes taking care of all payroll, taxes, and other legal obligations associated with hiring employees in Ardabīl.

Using an EOR in Ardabīl can provide a number of benefits to employers, such as reducing administrative overhead and providing access to local benefits and insurance. Additionally, EORs are often able to provide more competitive rates than local employers, making them an attractive option for companies looking to expand their presence in Ardabīl.

To use an EOR in Ardabīl, employers must first identify and contact an EOR provider. Once the terms of the agreement have been established, the employer and the EOR will enter into a contract that outlines the services the EOR will provide and the terms of the agreement. The employer will then provide the EOR with the necessary information about the employees, such as their contact information, salary, and other details.

Once the contract is in place, the EOR will be responsible for managing the payroll, taxes, and other related obligations for the employees in Ardabīl. The EOR will also provide the employer with regular updates on the status of the employees and any changes or amendments to the contract.

Using an EOR in Ardabīl can provide employers with a number of advantages, including reduced administrative overhead, access to local benefits and insurance, and more competitive rates. However, it is important to thoroughly research and vet any potential EOR providers before entering into an agreement.

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