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Find profiles that others can't find, get verified contact details and send automated messages to hundreds of candidates and get responses quickly.

Search 1 billion profiles

Find 1 billion candidates on autopilot

Stop wasting time searching talent manually on just a single platform.

More platforms, more profiles

Find talent from 1 billion profiles, across dozens of platforms.

AI skills analytics

Some profiles make the cut, some don’t. You save time.

Verified contact details

Reach candidates straight in their inbox and get responses.

Engage talent on autopilot

Send messages automatically and get responses

Stop sending single messages manually, choose a faster scalable approach.


Send AI generated personalized messages to candidates.

Automated follow ups

Send automated follow ups, only when the candidate didn't reply yet.

Sending analytics

Know exactly how many messages were sent, opened and replied to.

1 billion candidates worldwide

Find any profile online, no limitations

Verified contacts

Make your recruiting efforts actionable by finding verified contact details like email

Auto generated messages

Hyper-personalized messages generated with AI based on the candidate profile

Automated outreach sequences

Turn profiles into hires with automated personalized messages and auto follow up

GDPR and Privacy proof

Only public info intended for professional use

How it works finds your top matching candidates from 1 billion profiles worldwide and lets you send personalized messages automatically.

1. Find your top matches

Let create your search automatically from your job description and get the top matches out of a 1 billion candidate pool.

2. Set up message sequence

Build an automated sequence to find contact details, send personalized outreach messages and auto follow ups.

3. Add to sequence

Add your top matches with one click to an automated outreach sequence and just wait for responses.

“When I turned to, I saved all those wasted days of manual search and outreach and could recruit only the best, using automated sequences with high response rates“

Kay Lindsey
Recruiter, The SaaS Company

“I'm impressed with the quality of matches, beats LinkedIn hands down“

Daniel Cannon
SaaS Founder

“In LinkedIn I always get matches that are just off, in HeroHunt search results just make a lot more sense“

Rogier Daniels
Tech recruiter at agency
GPT powered recruitment

Generate AI searches

Generate an AI shortlist of candidates based on a single line description of your ideal candidate.

The benefits

Your competitive edge with

Find 4x more contact details

That candidates expect to be reached on.

Get rich and validated skills data

So you can make instant decisions.

Save time

No more manual copy/pasting and sending, automate the full cycle of your work, save time and hire more.

Get more responses

Higher response rates with automated personalizations and mailbox verification.

Send more, faster

Reach hundreds of candidates daily with hyper-personalized messages.

Find 2x more candidates

Than sourcing with LinkedIn only.

HeroHunt Interactive Demo

Recruit talent on autopilot in a highly personalized way.
The product

What you get

Access to 1 billion candidates across a variety of platforms like LinkedIn, GitHub and Stack Overflow
Verified contact details finder to find the primary email addresses of candidates
Auto generated personalized outreach messages with personalisations and one click send button
Automated message sequences to reach candidates on autopilot
Outreach analytics to track send, open and reply rates and get insights into performance
Bulk, save and workflow features to be the most efficient recruiter you can possibly be


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