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Hiring Period

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What is Hiring Period

The hiring period is the time when a company is looking to fill a position. This is typically done by posting the job online and accepting applications. The company will then review the applications and invite the top candidates to interview.

Hiring Period explained

The hiring period is the time frame in which an employer is allowed to recruit and hire employees. This time frame is typically set by the company's HR department and may vary depending on the position being filled. For example, the hiring period for a entry-level position may be shorter than the hiring period for a managerial position.

The hiring period typically begins with the posting of a job opening and ends when the position is filled. During this time, the employer will review applications, conduct interviews, and ultimately choose the best candidate for the job.

Once the hiring period is over, the employer is no longer able to recruit or hire employees for that specific position. This is to ensure that all employees have an equal opportunity to apply and be considered for the job.

The hiring period is an important part of the hiring process and should be managed carefully to ensure that the best candidate is chosen for the job.

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