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InMail (LinkedIn)

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What is InMail (LinkedIn)

InMail is a message service on LinkedIn that allows users to contact members of the site that they are not connected to.

InMail (LinkedIn) explained

InMail is a feature on LinkedIn that allows users to send messages to other LinkedIn members that they are not connected with. In order to send an InMail, the user must have a paid LinkedIn account. InMails can be up to 3,000 characters long and can include attachments.

LinkedIn members that have a free account can only send InMails to members that they are connected with. LinkedIn members that have a paid account can send InMails to any LinkedIn member, even if they are not connected with that member.

When a LinkedIn member receives an InMail, they will get an email notification about the InMail. The InMail will also appear in the InMail tab on the LinkedIn website.

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