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Internal recruiter

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Internal Talent Acquisition Specialist, Corporate Recruiter, In-house Recruiter

What is Internal recruiter

An internal recruiter is someone who is employed by the hiring company to fill positions.

Internal recruiter explained

An internal recruiter is someone who is employed by a company to fill vacant positions within that organisation. This is in contrast to an external recruiter, who works for a recruitment agency and is responsible for finding candidates for a range of different companies.

The role of an internal recruiter can vary depending on the size of the organisation. In a small company, the internal recruiter may be responsible for the entire recruitment process, from advertising the vacancy to conducting interviews and making the final decision. In a large organisation, there may be a team of internal recruiters, each responsible for a different stage of the process.

The main responsibilities of an internal recruiter are:

  • Identifying vacancies within the organisation
  • Writing job descriptions and person specifications
  • Advertising vacancies
  • Screening applications
  • Conducting interviews
  • Making the final decision
  • Offering the successful candidate the job
  • Providing feedback to unsuccessful candidates

An internal recruiter must have a good understanding of the organisation they are recruiting for, as they need to be able to identify the type of person who will be a good fit. They must also be able to sell the organisation to potential candidates, as they will be competing with other companies who are also recruiting.

It is important that an internal recruiter has strong communication and interpersonal skills, as they will be dealing with a range of different people throughout the recruitment process. They must also be able to work to deadlines and be comfortable working under pressure.

If you are thinking of becoming an internal recruiter, it is important to have previous experience of working in HR or recruitment. Many internal recruiters start their career as an HR assistant or recruitment consultant before moving into a dedicated internal recruitment role.

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