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Knowledge Worker

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What is Knowledge Worker

A knowledge worker is an individual who creates, uses, and disseminates knowledge in the workplace. Knowledge workers are often information and knowledge professionals who work in business, government, and academia.

Knowledge Worker explained

A knowledge worker is an individual who is engaged in work that requires a high level of knowledge, analytical skills, and creativity. They are often employed in professional and managerial positions in a variety of industries, including information technology, engineering, medicine, business, and academia.

Knowledge workers are often highly educated and have a strong understanding of the theories and principles in their field. They are able to apply this knowledge to solve problems and create new solutions. They are also able to communicate effectively and work collaboratively with others.

The term "knowledge worker" was first coined by Peter Drucker in his 1959 book, The Landmarks of Tomorrow. He described knowledge workers as "people who are employed because they possess and can apply significant amounts of knowledge."

The concept of the knowledge worker has been further developed and popularized by others, including Robert B. Reich, who described them as workers who "create, manipulate, and disseminate knowledge in the workplace."

The growth of the knowledge economy has led to an increase in the number of knowledge workers. With the advent of new technologies, knowledge workers are now able to work more efficiently and effectively. They are also able to share their knowledge with others more easily.

The rise of the knowledge worker has also had a impact on the way work is organized and managed. In traditional organizations, work is often organized around hierarchical structures and Taylorist principles of efficiency. However, knowledge workers are often more effective when they are able to work in more flexible and autonomous ways.

The knowledge worker is a relatively new concept, and there is still much debate about what exactly constitutes a knowledge worker. However, there is no doubt that the knowledge worker is an important and growing part of the workforce.

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