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What is Placement

Placement within recruitment is the process of finding the right employees for the right positions within a company. This can be done through a variety of means, such as job postings, interviews, and reference checks. The goal of placement within recruitment is to ensure that each employee is placed in a position that they are best suited for, in order to create a productive and efficient workforce.

Placement explained

Placement within recruitment is the process of matching a candidate with a role that is suited to their skills, experience and qualifications. The placement process can be undertaken by a recruitment agency, or by the employer themselves.

When a recruitment agency is used, the agency will work with the employer to understand their specific requirements for the role. They will then source candidates that they feel match the criteria and present these candidates to the employer. The employer will then interview the candidates and make a decision on who to appoint.

When an employer undertakes the placement process themselves, they will generally advertise the role and invite candidates to apply. They will then review the applications and invite suitable candidates to interview. Following the interviews, the employer will make a decision on who to appoint.

It is important to ensure that the placement process is conducted fairly, in order to avoid discrimination. Candidates should be selected based on their merits, and not on their personal characteristics.

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