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Purple Squirrel

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What is Purple Squirrel

A purple squirrel is a perfect but very rare and hard to find candidate.

Purple Squirrel explained

A purple squirrel is a term used in the recruiting industry to describe a candidate that is so perfect for a job that they are almost impossible to find. This term is often used when a company is looking for a needle in a haystack, or that one perfect candidate to fill a role.

While the term is relatively new, the concept of a purple squirrel is not. In fact, the term is based on a story that has been told for generations. The story goes that a man was looking for a purple squirrel and searched high and low, but could never find one. Finally, he found an acorn that was the exact color he was looking for and placed it in his pocket. When he went to show his friends his prize, the acorn had turned green.

The moral of the story is that sometimes what we are looking for is right in front of us, but we just don't see it. This is often the case with job candidates. A company may be looking for a very specific skill set, but the candidate they are looking for may have a completely different skill set that would be just as perfect for the job.

The term "purple squirrel" has become so popular that there are now websites and companies dedicated to helping employers find their perfect candidate. There are even job fairs specifically for purple squirrels.

So if you're looking for that one perfect candidate, don't give up hope. They may be out there, and with a little help, you may just find them.

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