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Retained Recruitment

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What is Retained Recruitment

Retained recruitment is a type of recruitment where an organization pays a recruitment firm a retainer fee in order to have access to the firm's candidates. The firm will then work with the organization to find the best candidates for the organization's open positions.

Retained Recruitment explained

Retained recruitment is a type of professional recruitment in which an organization pays a fee to a recruitment firm in order to secure their exclusive services.

The main advantage of retained recruitment is that it gives organizations access to a wider pool of candidates. Recruitment firms have extensive networks and can reach a large number of potential candidates that an organization may not be able to reach on its own.

Another advantage is that recruitment firms have a team of professional recruiters who are experienced in sourcing and screening candidates. This can save the organization time and resources that would otherwise be needed to conduct the recruitment process on their own.

The disadvantage of retained recruitment is that it can be expensive. Organizations may need to pay a large upfront fee to the recruitment firm, as well as a success fee if a candidate is successfully placed.

Overall, retained recruitment can be a good option for organizations that are looking to fill a high-level or specialized role. The expertise of the recruitment firm can help to ensure that the best possible candidates are identified and hired.

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