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Split Placement

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What is Split Placement

Split placement is a type of employment arrangement in which an employer contracts with two or more employment agencies to fill a single position. The employer typically pays a fee to each agency for their services.

Split Placement explained

When a company is looking to fill a position, they will often use a recruitment agency to help with the process. The agency will work with the company to identify candidates and then present them to the company for consideration.

There are two main types of placement that an agency can offer: exclusive and split. Exclusive placement means that the agency is the only one working on finding a candidate for the position. Split placement means that the agency is working with other agencies to find a candidate.

Split placement can be beneficial for both the company and the agency. For the company, it can mean a wider pool of candidates to choose from. For the agency, it can mean a greater chance of placing a candidate.

There are some drawbacks to split placement, however. The main one is that it can be more expensive for the company. The reason for this is that each agency will charge a fee for their services.

Another drawback is that it can take longer to fill a position using split placement. This is because each agency will need to screen and interview candidates before presenting them to the company.

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