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What are the stages of hiring?

The short answer

The main stages of hiring are job posting, resume screening, interviews, testing, reference checks, offer.

There are many stages of hiring, but the most common are:

1. Job posting: The employer creates a job posting, which is a description of the position they are looking to fill. This is usually done on a website or job board, and may also be distributed to job placement agencies.

2. Resume screening: The employer or their representative reviews the resumes of the candidates who have applied for the position. They may do an initial screening to narrow down the pool of candidates, or they may invite all qualified candidates to move on to the next stage.

3. Interviews: The employer meets with the candidates who have made it past the resume screening. This may be done in person, over the phone, or via video conference. The employer will ask the candidates questions about their qualifications and experience, and may also give them a chance to ask questions about the job.

4. Testing: The employer may give the candidates a skills test or other assessment to gauge their qualifications for the job.

5. Reference checks: The employer contacts the references listed by the candidates to get more information about their work history and character.

6. Offer: The employer makes an offer of employment to the candidate they have decided to hire. The candidate may accept or decline the offer.

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