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What is RPO recruitment?

The short answer

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing and is a type of process outsourcing where a company outsources its recruitment to an external provider.

What is RPO recruitment?

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing.

RPO recruitment is a type of recruitment process outsourcing where a company outsources its recruitment to an external provider.

Why does RPO recruitment exist?

There are several reasons why companies may choose to outsource their recruitment to an RPO provider. Firstly, it can save the company time and money. The provider will have a team of experienced recruitment professionals who can source and screen candidates more quickly and efficiently than the company could do internally.

Secondly, RPO providers often have access to a larger pool of candidates than the company would be able to reach on its own. This is because the provider will likely work with multiple clients in the same industry, giving them a broader view of the talent market.

Lastly, RPO providers can help to improve the quality of hires. The provider will be able to provide guidance and support throughout the recruitment process, ensuring that the company makes the best possible hire.

RPO recruitment can be beneficial for companies that do not have the internal resources to manage their own recruitment process. It can also help companies save time and money by access to a larger pool of candidates and streamlined selection process.

How does RPO recruitment work?

RPO providers typically use a variety of sourcing channels to identify candidates, including job boards, social media, and employee referrals. They also often have access to a database of candidates from previous clients.

Screening and selection criteria are typically determined by the client company, and the RPO provider manages all aspects of the selection process. This can include conducting initial phone screens, scheduling interviews, and administering assessments.

Once a candidate is selected, the RPO provider will share an offer on behalf of the client company. They may also provide onboarding support, such as helping the new hire complete paperwork and orienting them to the company culture.

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