Find and reach the best passive candidates

The best talent does not apply to jobs, they are offered a job. HeroHunt finds them for you.

Target passive candidates

Reach highly qualified candidates from the biggest talent pool out there

Passive candidates make up the biggest available talent pool.

'Sourcing passive candidates opened up a world of talent I have never seen before'

Reach 3X more quality talent

Just 30% of the talent market is actively looking for a job. 70% of the candidates are passive candidates and 4 out of 5 of these candidates are open for new opportunities. With you find both active and passive candidates, that makes 100% of talent.

Find underrepresented talent

Because HeroHunt searches for talent profiles across the entire web, loads of undiscovered profiles are found that would never appear in search results of for example LinkedIn.

Pick only the best

HeroHunt's algorithm does part of the smart work for you. Profiles are pre-screened for you so you cut through the noise at lightspeed and get only the best profiles.

What our customers say

We like to surprise users with an ever improving smooth search and outreach experience.

“Applicants from job portals were usually bad quality, with HeroHunt I simply find the best talent existing on planet earth“

Jhem Young
Inhouse tech recruiter

“I thought that sourcing passive candidates was difficult, but HeroHunt made it super easy“

Kira Gurkin
SaaS Founder

“The best talent doesn't apply to our jobs, we find them in HeroHunt“

Caleb Segel
Tech recruiter at agency

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HeroHunt has a lot more to offer than finding the best possible passive candidates.