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Best contact finder tools to find candidate contact info

Found the right candidate but not a way to reach them yet? These are some tried and true tools to find mail addresses, phone numbers and links to social platforms.

September 29, 2020
Yuma Heymans
February 13, 2023

Contact finders

You have found some ideal candidates for the job that you are recruiting for but you haven’t found the best way to reach them yet?

You could send them a message on LinkedIn or any other platform but you’re not sure if they are active there and reading the messages.

Having an email address or phone number of the candidate can help in directly reaching them and getting a response.

But finding these contact details can be challenging because this information is spread over different places online and hard to find, even though the contact details are made publicly available by the candidate.

These tools help you find the right contact details per individual profile or in bulk.


ContactOut is a contact finder that finds email addresses, phone numbers and links to social platforms. When you have found a candidate you can easily lookup their contact details by going to their profile and using the ContactOut chrome extension.

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Phantombuster is a scraping tool that scrapes different social platforms. Phantombuster can scrape hundreds of profiles a day from platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Medium. It also provides contact information like public email addresses and phone numbers in the output file of your scrape job.

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Whatsmyname.app is a cross reference tool to find links to social platforms based on a candidate’s user name. You can use the tool by inserting a username of a candidate that you have found to see what other platforms they are on. If you don’t know their username you can use their first and last name right behind each other (eg, ‘johnforrester’) and see if their profile pops up in the results.

Similar tools

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